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Experience this Laguna Beach landmark

Written By: Nicole Hakim Royal Hawaiian Reopens in Laguna Beach
Photographed By: Marielena Verdugo

There are many things in this world that can make an impact in someone’s life. These things can be a book, a movie or even a restaurant. As people frequent a restaurant, it can easily become a “second home.” Restaurants have the ability to make a person feel elated, belonged and excited. However, sometimes the things we love can go away. There is no doubt the Royal Hawaiian has garnered an impactful relationship with many in the community. 65 years is a long time for a restaurant to be in business, and it is no surprise that customers found it tough to experience the Royal Hawaiian’s end. Don’t worry, though! Sometimes things come back—like the Royal Hawaiian—so get ready to reconnect.

Established in 1947 by Francis Cabang, the Royal Hawaiian restaurant has a long history and played a major part in the community of Laguna Beach. It was run by the Cabang family until 2006 when it changed ownership, went under a much needed renovation and stayed in business for an additional six years. Today, it is owned by Mohammad Honarkar, and he and his hospitality team—Eric Bostwick, Carlos Godinez, Hasty Honarkar, Dylan Marsh and Brian Smith—are dedicated to bringing this historic restaurant back to life with a new and improved twist.

Staying loyal to the Hawaiian atmosphere, the Royal Hawaiian will feature décor that will only be slightly updated from the previous renovations. Classic tiki vibes will be present, but will be combined with a new age feel that will not fail to make customers revel in a Hawaiian aura and make Laguna feel as though it has become a modern version of Hawaii. The Royal Hawaiian’s return will feature a menu that is filled with classic Hawaiian dishes made more unique with creative twists and many colorful handcrafted cocktails. Returning customers will also see the homecoming of the famous Royal Hawaiian Ribs and the popular cocktail dubbed the Lapu Lapu.

The Royal Hawaiian is making a comeback because its staff prides itself on quality food, fantastic service and chill Hawaiian vibes. Once it’s back in action, take the chance to see something new, become a part of history and create a new “second home.”

Royal Hawaiian
331 N Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Return of the King : Royal Hawaiian