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Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane with Ruby’s Diner


Sure, you remember your 9th birthday at Ruby’s Diner! That chocolate shake and hearing the servers clap their way through the Happy Birthday song are only a memory away. If you are like thousands of Southern Californians, Ruby’s has been a guilty pleasure ever since. The good food and fun atmosphere has made Ruby’s a favorite destination for decades. Now Ruby’s is hosting a birthday for one its own – Ruby Cavanaugh, the mother of founder Doug Cavanaugh. Doug surprised his mom by naming the restaurant after her, and they’ve been celebrating together ever since. Ruby turns 93 on Monday, July 27th, and Ruby’s Diners are offering the classic RubyBurger and fries $1.93. This entrée regularly sells for $8.99, and the offer is good from 11:30 a.m. to close at all locations except LAX and the Shake Shack. Go embrace the feeling of nostalgia and blow out a candle for Ruby!

Ruby’s Flashback

The story behind the first Ruby’s begins with an evening run on Balboa Pier in Newport Beach in 1981. Soon-to-be owner Doug Cavanaugh had previously intended to open his own business, preferably one in the food industry, but he could have never predicted that the dilapidated bait shop at the end of the pier would be the inspiration he needed to open the first of many 1940’s Ruby’s Diners. A year later, Cavanaugh opened the doors to what many still consider to be the hub for American burgers, fries, and shakes.

‘Iconic’ would be a simple way to describe the manner in which Ruby’s has established their diners worldwide. Ruby’s has their diners everywhere from the ocean-view locations that nearly kiss the waves on Pacific Coast Highway, to hovering over the ocean on ends of piers, to planted harmoniously in local neighborhoods. Ruby’s prides itself on taking guests back to a simpler time, turning the word ‘nostalgia’ into actual restaurants you can visit.

There are many things that make Ruby’s a one of a kind diner. For starters, their waiters are dressed head to toe in a manner that replicates the fashionable charm of the 40s. If their look doesn’t evoke a feeling of old-fashioned charisma and politeness, the perkiness of those who wait on you hand on foot will impress.

The foundation of any respectable diner is, of course, the food they’re serving. When you try to categorize Ruby’s in with the rest of the diners, it becomes apparent what makes this restaurant so deliciously distinguishable. The amount of detail put into crafting meals comprised of the finest, freshest ingredients worth devouring truly sets Ruby’s apart from the rest.

Creativity on the menu does not fall short with the Ruby’s team. Breakfast serves up stacks of cinnamon bread French toast among the other eggy delights, as well as plates created with flavors from south of the border. Lunch and dinner playfully do a little of this and a little of that with their seafood combos, crisp salads, and shrimp cocktails. It would, however, be a monumental heartbreak to miss out on Ruby’s signature burgers, which are being voted the best burgers in California. The Super Burger is a hit with its USDA choice patty topped with double cheese, bacon, and avocado on grilled parmesan sourdough. Also, don’t forget the Hickory Burger with two slices of melted cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, signature RubySauce, and signature RubyRings onion rings topped with zesty house BBQ sauce and served on a bun.
Now would be a great time to head to Southern California’s favorite diner and blow out a candle for Ruby herself!