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The core elements of a typical yoga experience—community, positivity and stillness—are amplified through a commitment to excellence at Russell Simmons’ Tantris yoga studio in West Hollywood. From a valet to a full hair salon within the two story space, Simmons brings ancient yoga teachings to impressive modernity at his chic location. His activewear collection lines the walls of the studio, encouraging guests to fully embrace the Tantris experience as a way of life, rather than a mere fitness class.

Beyond the luxuries of Simmons’ critically acclaimed studio, yogis will be happy to know that countless works of yoga literature are shelved on Tantris’ second floor. A stunning lounge full of these books beckons guests upstairs, where I interviewed Simmons on a large bean bag outside the two heated studio rooms. As community is encouraged in this space, Simmons said passing hellos to energetic teachers coming up and down the stairs as we spoke. This aspect of Tantris highlights the studio as a no judgement zone, welcoming people of all backgrounds to change their minds and their bodies in a positive environment. Even photographer Travis McCoy felt the good vibes of the space, saying “I have been a fan of Russell’s since I was a kid. He was so nice and gave us a lot of his precious time. It was an honor to shoot such a legend.”

Where the typical yoga studio can be a daunting space, Simmons emphasizes comfort on all levels at Tantris. It wasn’t until I took a class that I understood why these lush elements were necessary—to remove all distractions and focus on the stillness found through yoga.