Said the King Kindly Reminds You to “Eat Your F*cking Veggies”

Said the King’s Witty Home Decor Will Charm Guests

Written By: Victoria Ramirez
Photography Provided By: Isabelle Cheng Said the King

Three words that encapsulate what Said the King is all about are ‘sassy, playful, and minimal,’ which appeals to Founder Karen King’s large network of customers. She hopes that her customers share a great experience, a laugh or two at the witty sayings, and feel as if the piece reflects them in one way or another. King is inspired by the experience of using the item, storytelling in all its forms, and super-simple aesthetics. Her favorite sayings on her products are “Eat your f*cking veggies” and “You did it.”

Said the King offers a variety of items such as pillowcases, plates, coasters, and totes—all of them inscribed or embroidered with funny, witty sayings. Not only aesthetically pleasing, these products empower you to own your quirkiness and to be who you want to be.

Said the King’s unique ceramic plates are another way to celebrate a meal with laughter and to add an extra something to your dinner party. With a variety of quotes to choose from including “Finishes first, celebrates,” “Picks at molar, eats it,” “Loosens belt two notches,” and “Burps, maintains eye contact.” If you feel the need to label your meal, look no further. There is a set of four plates inscribed with “burrito,” “burger,” “bacon & eggs,” and “spaghetti & meatballs.” If you have picky eaters, you can always send a subtle message with the Eat It plates collection, which are “Eat your f*cking veggies” and “Eat your f*cking food” because as the website says, when you need to dish it out, these are the plates for it.

Waking up in the morning is hard enough as it is, so why not wake up to Said the King’s humorous pillow cases. Each pillowcase is two sided, so you have one word on each side. The different phrase combinations include “F*ck you,” “F*ck me,” “Love you,” “Love me,” “Get up,” “Get out,” “Make up,” and “Make out.” I think it is safe to say that Said the King got every aspect of the bedroom in these pillowcases, so go crazy and say what you want to say.

Karen King plans on expanding her business into the more editorial direction, which has been evolving and coming to be over the years. Future products we can expect from Said the King are mugs, tea towels, and more pillowcases. There will also be a new storytelling side to the company. Whether you are sassy or sweet, do as the King says and “live by your own laws, be kind to your people, stand for something, and bow to no one.”

Life on the Water: In the winter, Karen King spends her days on a houseboat in Toronto, Canada.

Live Your Awesomeness: Karen King encourages you to throw everything out of your life that isn’t awesome. She reminds her readers to take charge of their life, own their awesomeness, and embrace their uniqueness.  

Show Picky Eaters Who’s Boss With Said the King

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