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Wild, Wild Wedge with a Twist

Written By: TC Franklin
Photographed By: Karl Garrison
Jewelry by: Glamarella Jewelry
Clothing by:  Duchess – The

Literally every woman knows, when it comes to making a fashion statement, stepping out with your best foot forward is a must. But what fashion diva wants to tote around a dozen of her favorite shoes all at once? What if you only had to take one pair of shoes with you, no matter the occasion? Salt Shoes of Laguna Beach, California can now be your one-stop-shop to show off that fresh pedicure, allowing your feet to flaunt in style.

SALT SHOES are uniquely designed with your comfort in mind.  But having flexibility by way of look and color is what makes Salt Shoes the “IT” wedge or heel to get. Interchangeable straps allow you to create a new look with each outfit.

Each pair is handcrafted and the buzz around this seaside town of high fashion artists and celebrities alike, is that once you try on a pair of SALT SHOES, you’re assured a great look, surrounded with quality.

Liliana Lopez Burgi is Founder of SALT SHOES. Upon our introduction, I immediately noticed her boundless energy. A true fashion-ista, her glamour is only matched by her electric smile. I caught up with the ‘EVER BUSY’ entrepreneur, between her son’s soccer games. Games she also coaches. We met at the home of local real estate agent Liz Bates where Liliana was hosting a shoe party and we talked at length about how she got her start and what drives her.


Q: Why did you feel the need to create yet another pair of shoes for women?

Liliana Lopez Burgi: I used to have these amazing expensive high heels and I couldn’t walk in them. So I decided to design a heel that was comfortable but I needed something else and Salt has interchangeable straps. So with one base, you can have all different kinds of straps, which means you can have all different kinds of looks.

Q: How did the idea for your shoe line come to life?

LLB.: It just sort of happened. So I was in my bedroom and I put a scarf around my heel and I thought, wow, this is kind of cool and started to play around with it and I thought again, wouldn’t that be cool if I could change it up and do it again and again. And so I did, I added another scarf and another and it just became so much fun.

Q: Is there only one style of wedge?

LLB: We have wedges, heels and I also have a corset boot due out next fall, they have foam and they mold to your feet and they are super comfy and you can walk and dance and be a free spirit. It’s also a great travel shoe and you don’t have to bring a ton of different shoes. You can bring one base with leather straps, silk straps, and denim, also satin, lace, all different kind of prints.

Q: Do you believe you are empowering other women with your entrepreneurial endeavor?

LLB: I work with incredible artist from around the world who are creative in their own right and we connect through social media and I work with Diane Garo, who is an international celebrity textile artist, so my straps & prints are one of a kind, I own all my prints. I’m working with a jewelry artist and an incredible leather artist.

Q: I understand your company donates to charity, which one and why?  

LLB: We give 10% back to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We met the co-founder, John Walsh, and decided we wanted to be a part of what he does. His hard work helped to pass the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984, which created National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). NCMEC serves as the national clearinghouse for information on missing children and the prevention of child victimization.

Q: What does the name SALT mean?

LLB: Salt means purify and to purify souls is what we’re really trying to do. We want give back and help souls out and not let them be captured by bad people. We are extremely enthusiastic for our ability to create awareness for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).



Salt Shoes is also booming on an international level with sales climbing in countries like Bulgaria & Canada.

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About The Author

TC Franklin

Born in Ohio, B.A. Journalism. Rose to prominence from his first job as a tour guide for CNN, to his first on-air TV job, as general assignment news reporter in Chattanooga Tennessee. Within six years TC, powered his way through several major TV news markets including Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago and New York. He eventually brokered a for four year deal with Tribune Broadcasting and performed two-dozen LIVE SHOTS daily, from Washington D.C. A Press Room regular during the Clinton Administration, TC was an Emmy Nominated Journalist and National News Correspondent reporting from the White House, Supreme Court and Capitol Hill, six days a week. A fitness buff and writer at heart, TC has just authored a short memoir of his life and now is sole owner of a production company, Blue Ribbon Productions. He also runs his non-profit charity, True Giving Foundation. His mission in life remains constant, revealing human interest stories in written or visual media with truth, consciousness and purpose. Oh yeah, he loves his new wife, Jill, who lets him enjoy his motorcycles and classic VW beetles.

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