Revamping Your Outdoor Space? Follow These 5 Steps to Create Your Dream Backyard

This San Diego Design & Remodeling Company Gives Us All the Details

If you’re feeling like your outdoor space could bloom a bit more, the spring season is definitely the best time to spruce it up. While living under the California sunshine already makes days bright, having a magnificent space to enjoy that sunshine makes it golden. The team at Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling is the one  trusted by thousands of San Diego’s most ambitious homeowners to create life-changing indoor and outdoor spaces. Follow these five tips from Founder Sergei Kaminskiy to bring your outdoor space to life. San Diego Backyard Design


1 | Map Out Your Space San Diego Backyard Design

“Our outdoor space is as much a part of our home as inside is. It’s still a part of your personal sanctuary!” exclaims Kaminskiy. Living in San Diego has its perks, including unmatchable weather almost all year long, so you want a space that’s going to take advantage of those wonderful days and evenings. Before you can dive into the aesthetic details of your outdoor space, it is important to map it out and decide how it will function. Will it be a place for entertaining guests? Maybe you want to put in a pool!

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2 | Select Your Amenities San Diego Backyard Design

Once you have decided on the layout and function of your outdoor space, the larger centerpiece-type details come next. “Having a pool will automatically make you one of the more popular neighbors,” jokes Kaminskiy. Whether you decide to have a water feature like a pool, a fire feature like a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, these amenities can serve as a main focal point of your space.


3 | Choose the Right Materials

“The materials you use to construct your outdoor space can either match the aesthetic to the rest of your house or differ to add a unique contrast,” says Kaminskiy. While keeping in mind the functionality of your space, you must also consider materials that are easy to clean and maintain.  


4 | Select the Appropriate Outdoor Furniture

Whether you are entertaining five or 50 people, your outdoor space is likely to be a very popular social area. Choosing the right outdoor furniture can properly balance out your space and coordinate with your main amenities. “Your furniture choices can help to carve out the desired ambiance in your backyard. If you can make your outdoor space large enough, having a ping-pong or pool table is a popular choice,” Kaminskiy explains.  

5 | Pick the Right Plants San Diego Backyard Design

While living under the Southern California sun means great weather, it can also mean periods of drought—which means choosing proper landscaping is crucial. “This is where you must consider if xeriscaping is a proper choice for your outdoor space,” says Kaminskiy. Xeriscape, or drought-tolerant landscaping, may be cost-efficient and ideal for some spaces.  


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