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This San Diego Brand Offers High-Quality, Clean Supplements That Could Change Your Life

This BUBS for You 

After years of unwittingly riding fresh powder atop the same ski slopes, two adrenaline enthusiasts would eventually join forces to bottle the best powder-based supplements in the business. As athletes themselves, founders Sean Lake and TJ Ferrara created BUBS Naturals on the basis of a simple mission: “Feel Great. Do Good.” Their top-notch supplements backed by philanthropic values do just that. Natural Supplement Brand

In their prior careers, Lake and Ferrara both worked in the snowboarding industry, unknowingly attending the same events and trade shows. After years of shared interests in action sports and strong backgrounds in marketing, the two finally crossed paths at a Navy SEAL Fit Camp in 2014 and reconnected the next year to spontaneously embark on their new business venture. 

While hanging out over a casual cup of coffee, Ferrara noticed a jar of collagen supplements sitting on Lake’s countertop. A fairly new concept at the time, Lake raved about the noticeable positive impacts collagen had on his athleticism. “It was absolutely transformative for me. I would run marathons, had been in the action sports world for a long time and did a lot of CrossFit and SEAL Fit stuff; I’ve put a lot of miles on my body, and collagen really helped me get back in the game.” 

“I’ve put a lot of miles on my body, and collagen really helped me get back in the game.”—Sean Lake Natural Supplement Brand

After seeing the passion Lake held for the supplement, Ferrara casually suggested creating their own supplement brand, and it didn’t take much convincing from there. BUBS Naturals borrows its name from Lake’s long-time best friend and roommate, Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty, who went out a hero serving as a Navy SEAL at the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. The brand serves to uphold his legacy and centers its values around his lighthearted nature and adventure-seeking way of life. “If you’d met him, you would remember him, and you would’ve considered him one of your best friends,” says Lake fondly. “He lit up a room with conversation, storytelling and smiles.”

Photography By: Kambria Fischer

Created to improve the wellbeing of athletes, thrill-seekers and Navy SEALs alike, BUBS has donated over $115,000 total to charity thus far, primarily the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation, helping to transition special operations soldiers from active duty to civilian life. Lake and Ferrara’s hope is to honor Glen’s legacy and his way of life, where giving back, helping others and helping yourself go hand-in-hand. Natural Supplement Brand

Best known for their sustainably sourced, high-quality collagen supplement that improves digestive health, joint health and workout recovery time, the brand has since created a MCT Oil Powder that’s extracted from 100% sustainably sourced virgin coconut oil to promote cognitive focus and boost natural energy. Bubs also offers a unique “Fountain of Youth” formula that combines collagen and 1000mg vitamin C. Setting their supplements apart from other companies is their sustainably sourced ingredients—each thoroughly checked for cleanliness, higher solubility and an improved flavor (or lack thereof). “We pursued the highest level of independent testing that we could find in the country to test for quality of ingredients, and we do this through NSF (National Sports Foundation),” says Lake. BUBS prides itself on being the only brand out there that tests 100% of their unflavored collagen through NSF, known as the highest standard and the only seal of approval used by all major professional sports leagues. 


“We pursued the highest level of independent testing that we could find in the country to test for quality of ingredients, and we do this through NSF (National Sports Foundation).”—Sean Lake

Through their relentless efforts towards creating only the cleanest, most effective supplements for your body, the two find inspiration through positive testimonies given by customers from every walk of life. Lake instantly recalls one customer’s anecdote in particular: “A 50-year-old former Marine who had undergone several surgeries and tried every known product that he could think of over the course of a decade stumbled upon BUBS and wrote us a lengthy email on how we changed his life. That’s moving stuff. That’s what makes you want to get up, go to work and do it all over.” 

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BUBS Naturals was founded with the purpose of improving the lives of athletes and has created a meaningful, rewarding venture for founders Lake and Ferrara along the way. The duo is committed to continually creating and expanding their selection of the highest-quality, most effective supplements out there with the genuine hope of raising athletes to the height of their abilities. And if they stumble upon the fountain of youth while they’re at it? That’s just an added bonus!

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