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The Ladies of Fern Give Us the Miami Swim Week Inside Scoop

Written By: Gabaccia and Patrixia of FERN Miami Swim Week

Every year now for about three decades, Miami has been the capital of swimwear fashion welcoming hundreds of established and emerging designers as well as suppliers, retailers, media, models, and fashion influencers. With a week’s worth of trade shows, runway shows, and parties, the swimwear industry creates a culture of its own against the perfect backdrop of glamorous South Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Miami Swim Week is the time and place to be for anybody in the swimwear world.

This year we decided to attend only as buyers (we have launched our collections in Miami in previous years), so we can expand the selection of swimwear that we carry at our boutique FERN in Leucadia and online.



With so many emerging brands and an ever-changing market, Miami is home to five different trade shows during Swim Week. From the conservative and old school Swim Show at the Miami Convention Center to the trend-forward Agenda in the middle of the Wynwood Arts District, there is plenty to choose from for all styles and tastes.

Patrixia’s Fave:

My favorite trade show was CABANA (other than the sweltering heat). It’s set on the lawn in front of the W Hotel, in two large white tents, with bright white decor, tropical plants, exotic accents and cute Pura Vida bracelets as entrance bands. The cold fresh coconuts provided by CABANA and TRIANGL swimwear were refreshing and necessary. Brands and products were able to stand out on their own without decorations deterring from them.

Gabaccia’s Fave:

Agenda! Although it didn’t offer many products that would belong in our store, there was something about driving through Miami’s art district and seeing this other face of Miami that doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think of the city. I simply loved the diversity of colorful murals, the kitschy shops, the street fashion, and finally that majestic entrance into the Agenda reception with its green foliage against the white wall and triple height ceilings in an old warehouse.


This year there were two main venues for swimwear fashion shows: The Funkshion Tent and The Pool at the W Hotel

Each venue offered a unique experience when it came to interacting with featured and sponsor brands. While the Funkshion tent offered a very small intimate setting, the W Hotel’s pool area felt more like an open-air music festival. We attended five shows over two nights: Maaji, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Indah, Issa de Mar, and Luli Fama.

Patrixia’s Fave:

The Issa De Mar show was stunning, and the intro video raised the hairs on my arms and got my heart racing, in an amazing way. Also, *spoiler alert*, they are adding active wear to their collection! They introduced new products and styles seamlessly in the video, and it transitioned to the runway perfectly. Not to mention the music, let’s just say BOOM.

Gabaccia’s Fave:

So mad about the Issa de Mar show at the W! The intro video gave me the chills making me feel like I was about to see an action movie, which technically was what happened. The girls walked down the runway with such an air of fun, confidence, and strength that reflected the collection’s essence. Their music game was on point closing with Drake’s ultimate jam “One Dance.”


South Beach is known, very rightfully, for its glamorous hotels, day-to-night-to-day parties, celebrity chef dining, and gorgeous beach clubs. Would you expect anything different during swim week? Brand and magazine events everywhere! A ton of new brands have samples and swag, there’s social media contests all over town, and photo booths galore.

Patrixia’s Fave:

Walking on the beach in the early morning is perfection! It is less crowded, hot, and rainy than the afternoons. Take a dip in the delicious spa temperature water, and look at the incredible cotton candy skies. Also, you never know what adventures might find you in the afternoon till the early a.m., so enjoy the beach in the mornings for sure.

Gabaccia’s Fave:

The foooood! Fresh Pitaya in the breakfast buffet at the Delano, check. Lobster coconut salad at The Dutch, check. Sultan Plate with all the kebab styles and the best tzatziki sauce ever at world famous Sultan, check. Gator bites at The Gold Grill, done.

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