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LA’s First Solar Powered Apartments Are Ready For You To Call Them Home

Written By: Alexandria Abramian Eco-Friendly Apartments in DTLA

Green living with solar powered energy, drought-resistant plants and reclaimed materials was once a luxury only for those with enough dough to buy the home and the eco-add ons. Not anymore! Now, the collection of eco-apartments in Downtown Los Angeles extend environmentally friendly amenities to eco-conscious renters.

The Hanover Olympic is a 263-unit, seven-story apartment located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Among those units, developers have created a collection of 20 luxury homes that are entirely solar powered. Each unit draws on power provided by a series of solar panels located on the roof of the newly built apartments. During the day, they generate enough electricity for each of the homes, and also send a surplus of energy back to the utility grid. During the night, the homes use approximately the same amount of energy that they’ve sent back—hence the “net zero” energy consumption.

At the moment, many people living in Southern California are finding homeownership increasingly difficult. The median home value in Los Angeles is now a jaw-dropping $626,800, according to Zillow, while in more coveted areas, such as Santa Monica, that number is closer to over $1.4 million, according to the site. For those who want to have less of an environmental impact, Hanover Olympic offers the ability to experience net-zero living without the mortgage.

Solar panels, however, are far from the only eco features at the apartments. Houston-based Hanover Company and TCA Architects designed the Hanover Olympic’s studio, one bedroom and two bedroom homes to have reclaimed wood flooring, recycled glass countertops, energy performance windows, GE Star appliances and sensory lighting control.

Living in the apartment may teach residents how to become even more aware of their energy consumption. Each unit features a built-in iPad mini display that provides real-time feedback on how much energy is being consumed in the apartment. The iPad may provide motivation to cut back even further. Units also come with the Nest Learning Thermostat, a smart thermostat that adapts to your schedule. At the office during peak heat times? The thermostat knows not to waste energy cooling an empty apartment.

The focus on energy efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of luxurious features, however. There are resident-only wine lockers, pet grooming stations and private screening rooms. A 24-hour fitness center, pool and rooftop decks are also included.
The 20 eco units will rent for a higher amount than the non-eco apartments at Hanover Olympic, although the developer maintains that tenants can offset some of these costs with money saved on electricity bills. What a deal!

Hanover Olympic
936 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Protect the Planet While You Chill on the Couch Eco-Friendly Apartments in DTLA