Say Cheese! Dr. Alfano Keeps Orange County Locals Smiling

Get to Know Balboa Island Dentistry Smile Pro

Written By: Jessica Ourisman
Photographed By: Mathew Martinez

Expert: Stephen G. Alfano, DDS
Credentials: Owner of Balboa Island Dentistry
History Lesson: Dr. Alfano would love to have had George Washington in his chair. “He wore dentures, which I love to make, and I think he might have had some interesting stories to tell.”

Nothing lights up a smile like a pristine set of pearly whites. Even so, most feel a little intimidated come time for their annual trip to the dentist. Unless, that is to say, they happen to be patients of Balboa Island Dentistry’s Dr. Stephen Alfano. With an unprecedented five-star satisfaction rating, Dr. Alfano’s patients can be spotted taking leisurely strolls around the office’s scenic Balboa Island location. In addition to his extensive medical expertise and a finesse for cosmetic dentistry that borders on artistry, Balboa Island Dentistry features a caring staff and a client-centric approach to dentistry that send even the most apprehensive patients away with smiles. (Whiter and brighter ones, at that.)

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Dr. Stephen Alfano: I love completing a complex case. Many times it’s fixing something that was done elsewhere and the patient had given up hope. Seeing them smile at the end of treatment is very rewarding.

Q: Do you have a passion in your field or an area of special interest?

SA: Dental Implants and Full Mouth Reconstruction are my favorite. You have to not only see the final result in your mind before you start, [fully grasping] the aesthetics involved, but the function, as well. A beautiful case will not last if it is not mechanically designed correctly. From an artistic standpoint, I could do complete dentures day-in and day-out. Setting teeth to give a unique look for the patient, and creating something that doesn’t look like a denture, is very satisfying.

Q: As a fixture of the local community, what does being something of a local “go-to” mean to you?

SA: I’m very happy to be working in a small town atmosphere. It’s nice seeing familiar faces every day. That being said, many patients come from off the island and enjoy walking up and down Marine Avenue before and after their appointments.

Q: In addition to dental hygiene, what other types of services does your practice offer?

SA: We provide all your basic dental needs and prosthodontic specialty needs. That includes everything from simple fillings to full mouth reconstruction and dental implants.

Q: What are some of the lesser-known ailments that patients should know might mean a trip to the dentist is in order?

SA: Snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which you have pauses in your breathing while sleeping. It is usually chronic and can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity and diabetes. There are some oral signs and symptoms that can be seen during your dental exam.

Q: Sedation dentistry… what is it?

SA: Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry. We use a method properly termed, ‘oral conscious sedation.’ This involves taking a pill to help you relax prior to coming in for your appointment and then receiving additional medication as-needed during your visit. While you may feel that you have slept during the entire procedure, you were actually able to respond to verbal commands.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the cosmetic dentistry options you offer and some of the differences between them?

SA: There are two basic types of cosmetic restorations: those that are placed directly in the mouth, and those that are fabricated outside of the mouth, and then cemented in. That is the basic difference between composite restorations and crowns, veneers and bridges. The shape and color of your teeth can be altered with these restorations, [whereas] whitening does just that—it makes the teeth whiter.

Q: With such high ratings, how is it that you keep your patients happy?

SA: Nobody is perfect, but I try to deliver perfection and exceed every patient’s expectations. I don’t settle for less, and the patient shouldn’t either.

Q: If you could give OC readers one dental health tip, what would it be?

SA: Brush and floss—and don’t skip that cleaning appointment.

Facing Fears: Dr. Alfano had a patient who had a bad experience in the dentist’s chair as a child and was terrified of returning as an adult. She tried sedation dentistry at Dr. Alfano’s office for multiple crown preparations and was able to have a wonderful experience.

Stranded: If Dr. Alfano was stranded on a desert island and could only bring either a toothbrush, dental floss or a dental pick, he would choose a toothbrush.

Native Knowledge: Balboa Island Dentistry provides custom trays so you can apply whitening gel at home on your own schedule.

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