ISSUE #83: This San Diego Issue Features Ziggy Marley, PoWer Up and SD’s First Professional Rugby Team

Written By: Jordan Ligons
Photographed By: Ryan Hensley September 2018 Issue
Styled By: Teresita Marie September 2018 Issue
Grooming By: Lexi Kleyla Using Living Proof and Becca Cosmetics September 2018 Issue

If only the walls of The Roxy could talk. They’d probably playback live sets of Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen or B.B. King or Prince, all in their prime. They’d recollect when Bob Marley & The Wailers made an appearance in 1975, and what the crowd was like. Well, 43 years later, almost to the day, David “Ziggy” Marley’s name is in lights out front.

But before the 9 p.m. showtime that night, Ziggy arrives to an empty Roxy at 10 a.m. for the cover shoot. Backpack slung over one shoulder, he’s every bit of the laidback guy you’d imagine.

“It was a blast working with Ziggy Marley,” said photographer Ryan Hensley about the cover shoot. “As usual, I shot with my tried-and-true Canon 5D mark III to capture every moment in the greatest detail.” Hensley said his favorite part of the day was when Ziggy spontaneously started playing and singing “Rebellion Rises” with his guitar for the shot. And I think we’d all agree the impromptu acoustic set was all our favorites.

Makeup artist Lexi Kleyla reflects on the “amazing moment in time” when she had the opportunity to groom Marley. “I wanted to keep his grooming very minimal and only use a few important products,” she said. “I started with the Instant De-Frizzer by Living Proof to keep any flyaway hairs down. Then I moisturized his skin with Bogavia’s Essential Face Cream followed up with a small amount of Ultimate Coverage Foundation by Becca Cosmetics. He looked amazing!”

Speaking of amazing, his ‘fit for the shoot was on point, reflecting not only his style but also the style and vibe of the location. We can thank wardrobe stylist Teresita Marie for that. “Ziggy is a total rockstar. He’s a truly creative artist that easily connects with his outfits and makes it looks so effortless. I was able to create cool, masculine and totally rugged looks that he’s been pulling off for years but with just a little more sauce,” she added that he liked his looks so much, he took some to go. “He fell in love with a vintage pair of boots I found at a shop in Santa Cruz around 2010. Eight years later, they’re going on tour!”

Finishing up his last leg of touring in September, the true rebel with a cause, fighter for peace and advocate for love, Ziggy, and his impactful lyrics, are just what we need right now. One love!

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Jordan is a storyteller with a creative passion for things LOCALE. She loves dogs, macaroni and cheese and buying shoes. This former student-athlete could always be found watching ESPN or actively engaged in a Kobe-verse-LeBron debate, with Kobe winning every time.


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