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Home Designs That Will Lead You Down a Path of Enchantment

Written By: Tauna Carson See How 503found’s Eclectic Pieces Match Your Home to Your Unique Style
Photographed By: Jessica Alexander

I meet Kim Rodosky at the home of Carrie Williams, where the interior designer used items from her store, 503found, to create the perfect living space. My eye is immediately drawn to an extraordinary piece hanging above the seating area. Atop a cushy white sofa, fluffy pillows lightly rest in a row in shades that reflect the colors in the painting. There is a beautiful lambskin fur throw illuminated by lamps perfectly balanced on either side of the couch. Acorns rest in a hand-hammered, galvanized iron bowl, and I feel nostalgia when I smell the fresh cut eucalyptus sitting beside it. This room perfectly incorporates fall into our never-ending summers, but it’s a clean, timeless look, great for all year.

Located in Newport Beach, 503found is a showroom that sells art, furniture, lighting and accessories. The loft-inspired space encompasses a curated collection of the latest home decor finds, including many one-of-a-kind pieces from Paris, New York and Los Angeles as well as art from local designers and artisans. 503found’s style is chic yet urban, appealing to a wide variety of design aesthetics, and offers a mix of vintage pieces with their own collaborated lines. The team blends leading-edge styles with an assortment of well-known brands to create a thoughtfully edited collection of furniture and home accessories. Working directly with both established and newly discovered designers and artisans, 503found strives to promote local small businesses by hosting in-house events and highlighting up-and-coming artists on their blog. “We are Newport Beach residents who work in this community to support our fellow designers and artisans. We love to collaborate and are open to all opportunities of connecting through great design, ” says Kim Rodosky, 503found’s co-founder.

Q: How does your business support the local community?
Kim Rodosky: We love our community! We are moms who raise our families here, and always want to support local and even national causes. We give to many different charities, including our local schools. We also are committed to supporting other local small businesses, including local interior designers, artists and artisans.

Q: What inspires you as a designer?
KR: I’m inspired by my clients and by all of the designers we work with through 503found. Ultimately, we work with the common goal to create spaces that are comfortable, unique, functional and reflect the client’s personality.

Q: Are there any interior designers that you admire?
KR: There are too many to name, including all of the designers we work with at 503found! In addition to our local designers, I also admire Amy Kehoe and Todd Nickey of Nickey Kehoe, Commune Design in LA, Abigail Ahern in London and Julia Buckingham in Chicago.

Q: What inspired you to establish 503found?
KR: I’ve always loved interior design and art. After working on my home with Ohara Davies-Gaetano and Kelly Nutt, I saw a niche in Orange County for a store that brings together distinctive, well-made and unique home furnishings and accessories with art. It needed a place that designers could use as a resource and that homeowners would become inspired by.

Q: What do you look for as a buyer?
KR: As we are buying, we always ask the designers we work with what they’re looking for, what can we help them source and what can’t they find anywhere else. We base much of our sourcing on that. We also shop the markets in Atlanta and Paris for unique finds that we know will add interest and drama to spaces here in Orange County. Also, we’re always on the lookout for artists and artisans, with an emphasis on those who are local, to feature in our shop.

Q: What are some of your favorite things in the shop right now?
KR: That’s a tough question because I love it all! All of the art we feature speaks to me and is a stand-out favorite. I love our collection of ceramics from MQuan in New York. I also love our beach towels and bags.
Q: What kind of consulting services do you offer?
KR: At 503found, we work with clients in any number of ways. We work with designers who source unique pieces from us, we can also consult with clients who come into the shop and like our style or approach. We are committed to being flexible to make almost any size project or budget work.

Q: What makes 503found different from other home decor stores?
KR: We are really friendly, very accommodating, and we source products both locally and internationally that are all selected for being unique and high quality. I think that our ever-changing eclectic mix of items designed to appeal to any taste and style is what makes 503found different. We curate our collections one piece at a time to reflect how you would truly decorate a home. When you walk into 503found, you feel that ambiance. It’s like experiencing unique rooms in the home of someone who is well-traveled and has a one-of-a-kind, interesting point of view. That’s a true reflection of who we are, and who our designers and clients are too!

Q: What products do you manufacture most?
KR: It ranges from local to international, but our commitment is to the small businesses that are passionate about quality-made furnishings and accessories.

Q: Where are you getting your inspiration for fall?
KR: Inspiration comes from so many places: local designers, traveling and keeping an eye on what European designers are creating.

Q: Do you have any exciting projects coming up this fall?
KR: We are working with a client in south Laguna that is up in the hills with a spectacular view. In keeping with the clients’ style, which is contemporary with eclectic and organic influences, we’ll keep it simple. We’ll also incorporate their collections of art and artifacts to create a beautiful yet livable space that is unique to them.

Q: What do you love most about your work?
KR: I’m really enjoying growing in this business and watching it evolve—we’re learning as we go. I love working with designers and being inspired by their talent. I’m passionate about supporting local artists and artisans and giving them a platform for their work. Lastly, I am thankful that, as we succeed at 503found, we can continue giving back to the community.

Native Knowledge:
Rodosky feels fortunate to work with so many of the local talented interior designers. She and her staff are inspired by Raili Clasen, Brooke Wagner, Erin Curci and Erin Flinn, Trina Roberts and Stephanie Hunt, among others. “Orange County is an exciting epicenter of interior design right now!” she says.

Rodosky’s Home Design Tips:
1. Find a designer that fits your budget.
2. Determine what the space will be used for.
3. Ask yourself what the space is lacking.
4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles.
5. Make sure the space reflects your style.

What Customers Come to 503found for the Most:
1. Art
2. Pillows
3. Lighting and small accessories like wall hangings

503 31st St
Newport Beach, CA 92663
949.877.0147 | www.503found.com