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Spend Spring Exploring the City on These Scenic Bike Trails

Written by: Molly Brooks Bike San Francisco

After a gloomy winter, the sun is finally out and the weather is perfect for a bike ride! With your pick of rental shops, there is no need to own your own two-wheeler to take part in this spring pastime. Though San Francisco might not be someone’s first choice when looking for paths to ride along, the hilly terrain is nothing to be afraid of. The city has awesomely safe bike lanes and great park trails if you’re looking for more natural scenery. Bicycling a great way to sight see and get your exercise in at the same time! Bike San Francisco


Fort Funston

Fort Funston may be known as a premier hang-gliding destination, but if staying on the ground is more your style, we suggest hitting up the bike trails. Despite the fort being located on 200-foot-tall cliffs, the ride is relatively flat and easy. The loop trails in the park are paved for easy riding, but the area is notoriously windy. However, those imperfect conditions are made up for with spectacular views of the San Francisco hills and Lake Merced. Make sure to check out the unique wildflowers and plant life growing in the sand dunes as you ride by, as well.

Fort Funston Rd
San Francisco, CA 94118


Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is a hotspot for both mountain and road bikers. Those hitting the pavement love to take the South Gate Road up 12 miles to the top of the mountain with an elevation grade of 4 to 7 percent. However, the hard work is rewarded with one the best panoramic views in the Bay Area. The mountain bike trails that go down Mount Diablo are suitable for all levels. An easy trail is the Pine Canyon Road, which is a continuation of the more intermediate track, BBQ Terrace Road. The trail goes through the forested canyon and crossed over a stream multiple times. Either way you choose to take on Mount Diablo, it’s tough exercise and you’ll have definitely earned dessert that night. Bike San Francisco

96 Mitchell Canyon Rd
Clayton, CA 94517



If you want to see more city sites, hit up the Embarcadero bike lane along the northeast San Francisco waterfront. It starts at Second and King Streets near AT&T park and ends about 7 miles north at Pier 41. The historic site will bring you past the Ferry Building, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and the trolley loop. The bike lane is quite wide, but you are still riding in traffic, so make sure to be alert. This waterfront ride is a great way to see a lot of famous San Francisco sites and will get your there much faster than walking!


The Wiggle

If you’re in San Francisco and think we are crazy for suggesting going to a bike ride, you might be a fan of The Wiggle route. This city route winds through Lower Haight to the Golden Gate Park and is designed for bike riders who are looking to minimize the amount of hill climbing during their ride. The one-mile zig-zag route is well marked as both The Wiggle and Bike Route 30. The ride is a great and easy way to get from the major eastern neighborhoods in the city over to the west side. If you don’t want to take a car, but aren’t looking to break a sweat, this is a great option! Bike San Francisco

Lower Haight/Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA


Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

Have you really experienced the San Francisco biking culture if you haven’t biked over the Golden Gate Bridge? We think not. Tourists and residents alike, love spending a sunny weekend afternoon biking from San Francisco over the famous red bridge to Sausalito. The eight-mile ride begins around Fisherman’s Wharf, where you’ll take the car-free National Park bike path to the bridge. When crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll be on the sidewalk shared by pedestrians and cyclists going both ways, so go slow and be prepared to stop. After crossing the bridge it’s only three more miles to Sausalito, a cute town on the water with great restaurants and shops to browse. If you’re too tired to bike all the way back many bikers grab a ferry in Sausalito back to the city.  

San Francisco, CA/Sausalito, CA Bike San Francisco
Get your bikes out!