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Grab Your Friends and ‘Share’ an Evening of Memories

Written By: Carli Critchfield and Jordan Ligons
Photographed By: Bianca Simonian  SHARE Small Plate Bistro

SHARE Small Plate Bistro at the Hyatt Palm Springs is where you’ll want to go for just that! Chef Jose Reynaldo says it’s a place where guests are encouraged to share not only their plates, but their experiences! The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant and inviting. The fireplace wall offers a cozy feeling to its guests, while the food and drinks will leave your taste buds happy. Stop into SHARE for either a celebratory weekend dinner or on a day when you want to lay low—both are perfect for a relaxing meal with great eats and drinks.


The dishes and cocktails served will leave your taste buds happy. The guests are lively and the ambiance gives you the sense that you can let go and relax. With various wines and cocktails to choose from, SHARE is a one-of-a-kind destination for happy hour and appetizers with friends and family.

With decedent, diverse dishes like Chef Reynaldo’s Grilled Brie and BBQ Chicken Pizzetta, this table setting makes for a perfect way to feast on the area’s top-notch dining. While sipping slow on their specialty Cabernet Sauvignon, visitors will tour their culinary cravings with hot plates (almost) too pretty to savor.

If you’ve decided to stay the night at the Hyatt and crave a late bite, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your room. Just order room service and the food from SHARE will be delivered right to your door. There, you could enjoy the meal from your balcony while taking in the breathtaking city lights of Palm Springs.

Q&A With Chef Jose Reynaldo

Q: What are your goals for the ambiance of SHARE?

Jose Reynaldo: We want people to undo their neckties and feel like they are in a place where they can relax, make a connection and socialize. A real kick your feet up type of vibe. Energy level is on high volume at happy hour time, we can hear people cheering about their favorite sport at the bar or laughing about something that they did during the day in Palm Springs while enjoying their food and beverages at SHARE. For the staff, it really puts a smile on our face when we can hear our guests talking and having a great time.

Q: What do you find is the most popular drink?

JR: California wines are the most popular; the Cabernet Sauvignon of The Hess Collection from Allomi Vineyard is a well-preferred wine. The wine list is always fairly popular and ordered off of. The Caribbean Rum Punch is a drink that a lot of our guests like too! It’s a perfect choice on a hot day by the pool and it’s definitely a drink that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Q: How would you describe the menu at SHARE?

JR: I personally like to describe it as its name: shareable. We will be making our menu of food items that friends can share around the table, but at the same time adding a touch of sophistication and being composed of different sources. SHARE is the place for people to share experiences of life and laughter. Most of the dishes are small plates and a tapas-style type of dining. We always use fresh ingredients that reflect the season and local flavors so our menu does change depending on the season, which I think keeps our guests happy and on their toes.

Q: What is your personal favorite dish to make off the menu?

JR: The Truffled Mushroom Risotto with grilled asparagus is just as amazing to make as well as to eat. The rich flavors of the truffle mixed with the freshness of the grilled asparagus makes a perfect combination.

Q: Are there going to be any new menu items that guests can look forward to?

JR: Our new menu for SHARE will be coming soon. Guests can expect food items to be paired with our wines. We want to include cheese and wine flights for extra-added fun to the menu. There will also be different, new selected beers for the guests to try. The new menu is going to encompass more of our vision of a shareable menu. Like I said before, this is a place for our diners to come and make conversation over great food and drinks and I think the new menu will achieve that even more so than ours does now.

Q: What would you say is the perfect pairing of appetizers and cocktails?

JR: The new BBQ Chicken Pizzetta goes really well with the ‘Sea Glass’ Sauvignon Blanc and the Loaded Potato Skins with the ‘Seeker’ Riesling.

Q: What do you love about being the chef at the Hyatt Palm Springs?

JR: I love the freedom that they give me. I am able to be as creative as I want, which is crucial in doing what I love. I’m getting all the support that I need and this place is not just a hotel, this is a place where people who stay here are looking to explore new things, to eat, and taste something extraordinary.

Wine-O: Enjoy the occasional glass of wine…or two. SHARE Small Plate Bistro offers guests an extensive wine list of over 40 different wines to enjoy with their delectable menu.

An Evening Out: Ask to be seated outside to enjoy the nice weather and desert views from their heated, outdoor patio. What goes better with shareable plates and cocktails than great friends and beautiful landscape?

SHARE Small Plate Bistro
Hyatt Palm Springs
285 North Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Don’t Be Selfish! Share Your Food at SHARE Small Plate Bistro

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