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Getting Skintimate

Written By: Genesis Gonzalez

Photographed By: Curtis Kim

Expert Name:
Sherrie Berry

Credentials: Co-Founder & President, SkinAgain

To say SkinAgain is positively the best, is well, positively true! Created in the beautiful and always sunny Carlsbad, Sherrie Berry, the co-founder and president, took her passion for a healthy, active and always positive lifestyle to the products that make up SkinAgain. This unique skincare brand has become positive reinforcement for so many people struggling with an array of skin concerns. From burns, to stretch marks, to cellulite and redness, the products created by SkinAgain provide a sense of hope and comfort for those using it. The biggest relief comes from the growth in self-image and self-confidence shared by many SkinAgain customers.

Berry knows firsthand the challenges that come from living with day to day skin concerns. With a personal burn experience of herself, she came across the one formula that would not only help her, but help many others as SkinAgain products began to grow. As an active advocate, Berry ensures each product is developed with the right ingredients and is always natural, gluten and paraben free. SkinAgain can be used for just about anything and everyone. It is never too early to start taking care of your skin, and most of all, living a healthy and positive lifestyle with SkinAgain.


Q: SkinAgain is known for positive energy products. What other unique factors contribute to the brand?

Sherrie Berry: Well, it’s the ingredients! A lot of potent skin care out there is called cosmeceuticals, and there is no definition for cosmeceuticals. What we did was trademark a term called Functional Skin Care along with Positive Energy Skin Care, and what this means is that the key ingredients that are in these products are at clinical levels. Now this is really different than what’s out there in the market today.

Q: When did your passion first start when it came to building and growing a skincare line?

SB: When I was in my 20s, I had three children back to back … all a year apart, and two of them had some health problems that weren’t helped by traditional Western medicine. I want to clarify that I totally believe in Western medicine. It’s absolutely necessary! But in my case, it didn’t help my children’s situations. So I turned to a kinesiologist, and the results were amazing with my kids. I asked her to teach and train me. I worked as a protégé for a long time, just maintaining my family’s health, but then word got out and I started getting people asking me if I could muscle test them as well. So this viral message went out that I did this, and people would come to my house where I had my own room and own practice kit. I did that for many, many years. I understood and researched so much. I learned from my mentor the structure and function of the human body, and energetically how it responds to therapeutic levels of nutritional supplements as well as positive affirmations. I’ve applied that to my whole entire life and then when I got into skin care, I thought about how I could apply this to skin care products, and that is how we did it.

Q: Is it ever too early to start maintaining healthy skin?

SB: We are aging every day from the inside out. Prevention is key. If you can balance the melanin levels right now, then you will prevent dark spots and hyper-pigmentation when you turn 50. If you can balance all of the peptide receptors and make sure they are getting filled with the elements that they need, then you will prevent a lot of the deep wrinkles that occur later on in life. We are all going to age, but if we can prevent a lot of premature aging and a lot of damage that the sun and the environment do to our skin, then we will be able to age gracefully and beautifully.


Q: Is daily exfoliation essential to a beauty routine?

SB: Exfoliation is absolutely a must! When it comes to everyday exfoliation, it will depend on your product. If you’re using something super abrasive like microdermabrasion, then you wouldn’t want to do that every day. If you’re using something that has, for example, exfoliation beads that are completely spherical, with no edges to them and don’t cause micro laceration, then daily exfoliation is very good for your skin.

Q: How does SkinAgain help with day to day bruises and scars?

SB: Keep a tube in your purse or the glove box. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot, and always have it there. Always have it in your medicine cabinet. In fact, the whole reason I started this company is because I had a formula in my medicine cabinet that was for burns. When I was in a chemical explosion, it burnt my face, and the first thing I did was run to my medicine cabinet. I had it there to apply it right then. That particular burn formula was our signature formula and what started the SkinAgain company.

Q: Since launching, how have you seen the SkinAgain brand grow?

SB: I never knew that it would come to this point. I was just really passionate about this burn formula because of my own experience. I wanted to market and sell it because I developed this new compassion for people that had scarring and had really serious skin problems. And that is what SkinAgain is about — helping skin problems like scarring, burns, stretch marks, cellulite and allergy prone. It started with one formula, but what was interesting is that as word got out, people started using the creams for other things because it was such a nice skin feel.


Q: Is it safe to say SkinAgain can help a variety of people and skin concerns?

SB: Absolutely! The stretch mark cream is perfect for pregnant women and for preventing stretch marks. It’s good for children when they have scars. It’s cross-gendered and no matter what your age.

Q: What have been some of the biggest improvements customers have experienced from SkinAgain?

SB: First of all, the testimonials that have come in voluntarily are through the roof, and we are very, very grateful that people take the time out of the day to let us know.

Q: What is your top priority for the brand at this time?

SB: Right now, we are coming out with a sunscreen, so I’m very actively involved in that. We are expanding the line a little further and encompassing a few more skin problems as well as getting it in the international market!

Q: Where can consumers purchase SkinAgain products?

SB: Since 2006, SkinAgain has been sold online to the consumer. This year is the first time that we’re actively embarking on a campaign to get it into stores so it can be on the shelf.

3246 Grey Hawk Ct
Carlsbad, CA 92010