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Written By: Jasmín Nelson The Dinner in White

In a world where we’re always connected to Wi-Fi, sometimes the coolest thing you can do is disconnect and add a little mystery to your life. The intrigue of Le Dîner en Blanc lets you do just that. It’s been the leading summer event in Paris for nearly 30 years, and this elegant (and shhh…very secret affair) is now well on its way to becoming the autumn tradition in San Diego.

Sneak away to a sweet, summer night under the stars where a classified location is eventually revealed to experience the magic of a diverse mass of guests dressed in all white. Meet up for one plush-style picnic in a public space as thousands gather for an elegant dinner of the greatest decorum. Dine and dance the night away where the wine is delicious and the fashion is angelic. No disruptions, just an experience that feels as if life is but a dream.

Le Dîner en Blanc whisks you away to participate in the beauty and sophistication of the city to engage in the essence of high French society. Expect to make new friends, remarkable memories and maybe potential romances.

This year, celebrate Le Dîner en Blanc’s 6th Anniversary with your all white everything outfit and gear up for a chance to be a part of this milestone event.

To hear the big secret, register ASAP to get on the waiting list and see where they will pop up next!

The Dinner in White
Yes, Yes! Celebrate the SD Fall Tradition of The Dinner in White

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