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“With My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind”

Written By: Aisha Patel
Photography Provided By: Kelly Young World Record Gin and Juice

After rapping about it since his 1994 Top 10 hit “Gin & Juice,” named after the cocktail itself, Snoop Dogg took matters to the next level by breaking the Guinness World Record for creating the biggest glass of gin and juice, and we don’t think he’s going to share.

During his performance at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival on May 26, Snoop Dogg made the world’s largest Hendrick’s Gin and Juice cocktail alongside fellow rapper Warren G and “Top Chef” champ Michael Voltaggio.

The glass stood five feet tall and three feet wide, and held more than 145 gallons of the concoction; that’s 315 liters of Hendrick’s Gin!

By mixing 180 bottles of gin, 154 bottles of apricot brandy and 38 jugs of orange, Snoop Dogg actually created an International Bartenders Association (IBA) certified cocktail called the Paradise Cocktail, dating back to 1930 dictated in Harry Craddock’s Cocktail book.

To top it all off, Snoop Dogg added a massive drinking straw, pink parasol and a garnish of pineapple and melon to the already enormous beverage.

His great efforts were recognized by Guinness with an official certificate of his achievement, which Snoop Dogg documented on Instagram. Here’s to Snoop D-O-double-G for making gin and juice history! World Record Gin and Juice