Photography By: Logan Asercion
Photography By: Logan Asercion

From Superfoods to Sustainability, Here Are 7 Local Brands We Love

Meet the Founders of These 7 Feel-Good Beauty Brands

Southern California Beauty Brands

Sun-Kissed Serenity

Etto Oil
Name: Taylr Anne Castro
Job Title: Founder of Etto Oil

“Based in coastal California, I have acquired a love for a slow life. With this, I have come to appreciate simple things, and that includes what I look for in my skincare. I wanted to create a brand that was thoughtful, kind to the environment and a product that would be used every day. Etto Oil was created with only the purest, organic ingredients to nurture your skin. Etto Oil is a combination of botanical oils that feel so good on the skin.”

Southern California Beauty Brands

Made With Love

Love Amour Propre
Name: Tahera Rene Christy
Job Title: Founder of Love Amour Propre

“In March 2020, I found myself unemployed from my corporate sales career because of the epic viral pandemic that forced me and much of society to stay at home. I chose to use my time of solace to create. I wanted to create natural and organic products that could help my family feel better and solve some of our dermatological concerns. I wanted to make Amour Propre with the root of love as the foundation to its success.”

Ancient Elixirs

Wonder Valley
Name: Alison and Jay Carroll
Job Title: Founders of Wonder Valley

“When we started this company about seven years ago, we saw a need to celebrate the holistic power of olive oil and bring it to a new audience. We were inspired by the incredible health benefits of this ancient superfood as well as how that integrated into our new lifestyle. We believe olive oil is at the foundation of a holistic diet and the key to radiant skin. We hope for customers to experience a shift in how they feel and how their skin looks from Wonder Valley.” 

Southern California Beauty Brands

Superfood Self-Care

Name: Trinity Mouzon
Job Title: Co-Founder and CEO of Golde

“Golde was born in Brooklyn in 2017 from a one-bedroom apartment, where we launched a single product: the Original Turmeric Latte Blend! Since then, we’ve grown to a small but mighty team and have shared our superfood essentials with thousands of supporters. Our products are a celebration of superfoods that effortlessly boost your daily routine, from morning smoothies to skincare. You can count on us for formulas that are always 100% natural and vegan-friendly!”

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Xēba Botánica
Names: Rachel Bibbee & Daniel Olvera
Job Titles: Co-Founders of Xēba Botánica

“We want our customers to experience a high-quality product without the expensive price tag—to feel refreshed and revitalized while knowing exactly what’s in the products they’re using. We started off by making our own personal care line because we craved remedies that were clean and natural that actually work. Xēba Botánica hopes to inspire people to be more thoughtful about how their dollar impacts their community and the planet.”

Southern California Beauty Brands

Down to Earth

Love This Mother
Name: Lyndsey Hansen
Job Title: Owner of Love This Mother

“I’ve been passionate about living sustainably for some time and wanted to create a brand that offered affordable access to earth-friendly essentials for our daily lives right here in San Diego. Our products intend to protect Mother Earth from overconsumption, single-use [products], plastic waste and unnecessary packaging. We are passionate about providing locals with a more sustainable solution to their everyday needs.”


Fueling Be-leef

LEEF Organics
Names: Micah Anderson and Emily Heitman
Job Titles: Co-Founders of LEEF Organics

“At LEEF, we take pride in the products we make and are involved in the entire process. We farm the material, do all the manufacturing in-house and keep our distribution in-house. It’s truly a farm-to-lifestyle brand. We believe in the recreational use of these plants but wanted to develop a brand which was more focused on the non-psychoactive elements of what these plants have to offer.”

Southern California Beauty Brands

Cuteness Curated

Rancho Relaxo
Name: Stella Adena
Job Title: Owner of Rancho Relaxo

“One of my goals in starting Rancho Relaxo was to humanize the retail industry. There are so many creative artisans in the Greater Palm Springs area that capture the unique essence of this desert oasis. I wanted to bring their creations to a wider audience. As a shop, we specialize in beautiful, hand-crafted items that bring joy. There are real people and stories behind all of the products we carry. My hope is that these items are shared over a lifetime with friends and family.”

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