4 Amazing Spa Treatments in Bali

Fantasy Island Spa Treatments in Bali

Bali: A Guide to Our Favorite Indonesian Island

Written By: Erik Hale

You made it to the island paradise of Bali — now what? What are the best things to do? Where do you begin? If you are surrounded in paradise, you might as well spoil yourself even further right? That means only one thing — the ultimate spa treatment. We caught up with the Director of Public Relations at Komaneka Resorts, Iman Lubis, to show us how the Balinese get their spa on, and we found a few luxurious retreats of our own.

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The Expert: Iman Lubis
Title: Director of Public Relations at Komaneka Resorts
Ubud, Bali

Q: Why do you love Bali?

Iman Lubis: I love the culture, environment, tranquility, ambience and atmosphere of Bali.

Q: How long have you lived there?

IL: It’s been one year already!

Q: How is Ubud different than other parts of the island?

IL: Ubud is one of the famous tourism destinations in Bali. And with unique cultures and active Hindu rituals from the local community, it really is special.

Q: How many photos per year do you think are taken of your gorgeous pool?

IL: I’ve never counted, but it is a lot. I’ve seen so many photos of our main pool posted on TripAdvisor, Instagram and also tagged to our Komaneka Facebook page.

Q: With so many options for places to stay on the island, why do you think the Komaneka at Bisma is so popular?

IL: Komaneka is just like a home—your home address in Ubud. The hotel is surrounded by natural beauty, and the staff always responds promptly to every guest’s needs.

Q: What is your favorite spa package that you offer?

IL: My favorite spa package is Bisma Royal Package and can only be taken in Komaneka Bisma because it is a signature of Komaneka Bisma. It is a three-hour, unique treatment using a fruit body mask and wrap with banana leaf, and then finished with milk bath.

Q: Other than visiting the monkey forest (that is a short walk away), what do you advise your guests that they MUST try while in Ubud?

IL: The guests could also visit the temple, see the local wood carving, watch the dance performance daily while in Ubud, try elephant riding, and try water sports such as rafting, which is very famous.

Q: What is your favorite local dish?

IL: My favorite dish is nasi campur (mixed rice served with a traditional vegetable called jukut urap (vegetable with grated coconut), chicken, sate lilit, and sambal goreng.

Q: When you don’t eat at the resort, where is your favorite place to eat?

IL: Warung Lada is a small place to eat with Batavian beautiful style, and serves Balinese and Indonesian food.

Q: Where would your dream vacation away from Bali be?

IL: I wish that I could go to South Africa to do a safari tour.



You’re in Bali. Act like it.

Four spa services you will love more than Nasi Goreng:

Ice Fountain Room at The Mulia Spa
The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas
The Mulia Spa is world class. There are 20 treatment rooms, and a private “Wellness Suite” that contains so much to do you wish you could stay all day. Outdoors you will find a hydro tonic pool with both hot and cold sides. Inside, there is a wood sauna that emits eucalyptus fragrance and a steam room with “emotional showers.”

One of the best parts of our trip to Bali was bouncing between the steam room and the Ice Fountain room. The Ice Fountain room literally had ice chips being produced and piled on the ground. We had so much fun changing our body temperature by rotating between the two rooms (which we had entirely to ourselves). It was also fun to change the colors of the chromatherapy light to different “chakra cleansing” colors. After multiple trips to the ice room, we began to become more and more brave. We started with only dipping our feet in the ice, but by the end, we were smearing it all over our bodies. What a contrast to the hot and often muggy Bali weather.

Couple’s Massage at Komaneka at Bisma Spa
Walk down the circular staircase from the top floor of the resort as it carries you down three flights, past the main pool, through vines and frangipani trees arriving at the spa that sits besides a semi-circular jade-green second pool. You are greeted warmly and given tea, and left momentarily to gaze at the jungle. You and your partner are then escorted along a path that turns into boulders spaced across a pond. You cross the path, carefully, turn right and are asked to remove your shoes and enter in the slippers they provide. The room you enter is only walled on three sides. When you both walk to the exposed wall, you will see that the entire cottage is positioned precipitously on a canyon wall directly above a rushing river. The sound of the water is soothing throughout your treatment. The treatment begins with a shower, then you return to the main room for a joint foot scrub, then climb under towels where you will both be massaged for over two hours. After the massage, you are scrubbed heavily with fragrant salts, shower again, and are finally escorted to a giant tub big enough for two that is filled with tea bags, rose petals and frangipani flowers. The tub is designed so that you sit facing each other directly against the open wall of the cottage above the river. At the end of the three-hour session, you shower, walk back across the stone path to the room where your journey begins, and are greeted with teas and cookies. Wish you were there? I do.


Fish Bath
You can find fish baths on the sidewalks of Bali. They are 100-gallon tanks filled with tiny flesh eating fish with benches built around the outside. The idea of allowing fish to chew away at your epidermis might sound strange, but these guys are here to help! Getting your feet in the water is the hardest part … mentally at least. Before you can submerge your feet, hundreds have already latched on. Once your feet are completely immersed, you can no longer see your legs! Ten minutes of bonding, and you start to appreciate their hard work. Twenty minutes, and you have softer feet than you’ve had in years. Thanks little dudes. Coolest fish ever.


The Four Hand Massage
You can basically afford this treatment every day of your trip on any budget. The four hand massage is a massage by two people at the same time. The massage quality will vary according to who you call, but for about $22 for a full hour, it is hard to get something you won’t think is a value. Ask your host for a referral, and have the massage therapist come to your room or villa.

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