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Written By: Jessica Gomes

Two sisters with a vision of producing dance music dropped out of university to pursue their dream. Mim and Liv Nervo went from hustling to songwriting, to becoming household names in the dance music scene, performing all over the world with numerous headliners like Kaskade and Steve Aoki. As they continue hustling, NERVO is making a permanent name for themselves as the top female DJ duo in today’s house movement. With their busy touring schedule, they were able to take a little time to answer a few of our questions about their exciting career, and how it has progressed from the beginning. nervoPhoto-Credit-Chloe-Paul_NERVOIMG_9634_v2_edited

Q: When did you both realize you wanted to be dance music artists writing your own songs, rather than songwriters for other dance music artists?

NERVO: Originally, the goal was to write for other people, but then after a few years, we wanted to make music that spoke to us, so that is why we started releasing our own tracks under NERVO. Once we released music under NERVO, we found a whole new energy. It was incredible to be able to speak directly to our fans through social media. They inspired us to keep making better tracks, and, of course, we also loved our newfound touring life. There’s no better buzz than playing your own records in front of a crazy crowd.

Q: Was dance music and songwriting always your passion?

N: We always had a passion for music and knew we wanted somehow to end up doing music for a living. We did what most kids who like music do, which is drop out of university to follow a dream. We hustled and hustled until someone took notice, and we’re still hustling now. We’re very thankful that we are here today living our dream.

Q: When was your first major show and who was it with?

N: One of the first major shows was Electric Zoo 2011. We remember we were really nervous! It was one of the first festivals we were playing main stage and we debuted one of our singles “Reason, ” which then went on to be our first ever Beatport #1.

Q: Do you still write music for other artists?

N: We still collaborate with artists for our own album. Any music that doesn’t make our album, we are always sending to people for their albums, so inadvertently yes, we are still working with other artists.

Q: What is your favorite part of working in this industry and doing what you do?

N: We get to make and play music for a living. Plus, we follow great parties around the world. It’s too good to be true, really.

Q: What does your upcoming show lineup look like?

N: We don’t always know ahead of time who we will be playing with, but we just played Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico with Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Bassnectar, and DVBBS. We have a bunch of summer Ibiza shows coming up with David Guetta at Ushuaia, which are always fun.

Q: Where have your favorite places been to perform?

N: There have been so many great gigs and memories. Tomorrowland was a real treat because we had so many incredible fans in the crowd who had gone to such great lengths with their signs. Sonicmania in Tokyo, Cream in the UK, Electric Zoo in NYC, and Mácháč Festival in Czech Republic were some of the greatest festivals and gigs. Some club gigs that have been epic amazing were: Cocorico in Riccione, Italy, Falkata in Valencia, Spain, Ushuaia in Ibiza, Spain, Gold Room in Atlanta, New City Gas in Montréal, Echostage in Washington DC, and of course Paradise Club in Mykonos. I know I’m leaving out a whole lot of gigs that were also mind blowing! We’re very lucky to be touring and playing at so many great venues!NERVO-Live_Photo-Credit-Lorenzo-Tonucci-

Q: How did #NERVOnation start?

N: It was the name we came up with for our radio show that started with Sirius in the US and then went on to be syndicated to about 60 countries around the world.

Q: How does it feel to be chosen as a resident for OMNIA?

N: Vegas is amazing, and it’s always growing, it‘s a super fun city with a real love for house music and partying in general. OMNIA has new technology that no other club has. We’re super excited to be starting a residency there this year!

Q: Do you have more songs currently in the works?

N: We recently finished our album “Collateral, ” and we were lucky enough to work with so many great singers and artists including Jake Shears, Kylie Minogue, Kreayshawn, Dev, Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Au Revoir Simone. We were also singing on a lot of records. It was a super fun process!

Q: Who is your dream artist to work with?

N: We admire many artists. Particularly, we like the artists who are also producers. This adds a whole new dimension to their work. Some of the ones that spring to mind are Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Mark Ronson. I think it’s always nice when an artist can diversify through collaboration.

Q: Who do you gather inspiration from?

N: Our inspiration changes all the time. Lyrics are always drawn from real life, and sonics are more about what’s working in the clubs or also what is just naturally inspiring us at that time.

Q: How is it working with one another?

N: What is great about being sisters is that you can have the biggest argument one minute and the next minute you’re over it. We get along really well, so we don’t have any issues with working together. It’s amazing to be able to share all of our experiences with a sister and best friend.

Q: What is the next step for NERVO?

N: We will keep touring and getting back in the studio to work on the music we love. We’re already starting to think about album two, and this album hasn’t even been released yet!

Q: Where do you see NERVO in 5 years?

N: Making music and having a good time, of course!

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