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Grab Your Friends and Head to The Smoking Gun for a Night to Remember

Written By: Leah Hoffhines
Photographed By: Kambria Fischer Modelo Negra

Take a break from the familiar hoity-toity draws of San Diego nightlife and chime in on something a bit homier and fun-loving this New Year’s Eve. The Smoking Gun sends you a sweet, nostalgic blast-from-the-past feeling before you look to the future. Retro tunes play as you reminisce while sitting at your table, all the while taking in the pleasant ambiance. The Smoking Gun’s environment encourages you to come as you are, “rest easy, and speak loudly,” as their motto states, while you enjoy the modern appeal of atmosphere with the classic craving satisfiers of southern-comfort fare.

The Smoking Gun delivers all your favorite smoked meats including, but not limited to, their Duroc Pork Shoulder. This finger-licking dish is smoked to perfection, prepared with green chili mustard, giving it a savory, mild spice that will have you reaching for a great beer to pair it with! We recommend you wash it down with the Modelo Negra, a Dunkel-style lager with a smooth finish. The subtle smoky notes within the beer compliment the succulent flavors of the pork. They are truly a match made in barbecue heaven.

If you’re one for fun and games, then you may want to stick around. The Smoking Gun offers ping-pong, shuffleboard and other games to pass the time while you sip on some of their signature cocktails. Though this New Year’s Eve, they have something even more special planned for you with rockin’ beats and plenty of dancing. Don’t forget the traditional Champagne to toast to new beginnings, as this new restaurant deserves it! Only open since this past summer, this fresh new location is already making it on our list of one the hottest restaurants/bars in San Diego. Without a doubt, The Smoking Gun is certainly worth a ‘cheers’ all around!

Native Knowledge: The Smoking Gun’s side dishes consists of all vegetarian options. Don’t be alarmed, the Brussels sprouts are still pleasantly barbecued to match the flavor profile of any entree.

Spice Up Your Life: Looking for something with a kick this New Year’s Eve? Opt for the Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante—a michelada drink made with Modelo beer and the flavors of sweet tamarind and spicy chipotle peppers.

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The Smoking Gun
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San Diego, CA 92101
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