Photography Provided By: Tru Grit Fitness
Photography Provided By: Tru Grit Fitness

6 Tips to Help You Stay Fit During the Holidays, According to Heather Lake from Fox 5 San Diego

Influencer and Fox 5 San Diego Morning Show Reporter Heather Lake Shares Her Best Tricks and Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best This Holiday Season

From crazy to-do lists to the endless amount of tempting food, staying fit through the holiday season can seem almost impossible. Thanks to Tru Grit and Fox 5 Morning Show Reporter Heather Lake, however, we have some amazing tools and tips to help you feel your best through the festivities! Lake grew up in a household where fitness was a way of life. She is the perfect leader to share these six tips on surviving the holidays without any unwanted weight gain! Stay Fit During Holidays


1 | Use Gym Equipment That Travels Well

Product Recommendation: Tru Grit Neoprene Dumbbells

If you live a fast-paced lifestyle or are always on the go, then the Tru Grit Neoprene Dumbbells are going to be your new best friend. Heather travels all over the country for her job, and she needs equipment that is portable and easy to travel with. These dumbbells in particular are heavy enough for a solid workout, but light enough to be tossed in your suitcase when necessary. “The dumbbells are seriously the quickest way to get in a great workout…sometimes, I’ll even use them in my car!” says Lake. “From lunges to a whole arms superset, they’re so dynamic and versatile.”

Stay Fit During Holidays

2 | Add Some Easy Resistance to Your Workout

Product Recommendation: Tru Grit Power Resistance Bands

Some may not understand the convenience of resistance bands, but Tru Grit Power Resistance Bands can easily intensify your workout without having to use heavy weights. “I swear by resistance bands because they’re the best way to warm up or get a great glute workout,” Lake explains. “These bands from Tru Grit in particular are my life.” Resistance bands can seriously be added to any leg workout, and they really just up the ante so that you can double the results for the work that you’re putting in. Plus, they can fit into the smallest of workout bags with ease, meaning you can take them with you anywhere.


3 | Fuel Your Body Post-Workout

Product Recommendation: BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein

Photography By: Kambria Fischer

While staying active is undeniably important for your health, it’s just as important to take care of your body after working out as well. That’s where BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein comes into play. “This protein is basically what makes my morning coffee into a wellness drink,” explains Lake. “Best of all, it dissolves right in, so you don’t have to worry about a weird consistency.” This collagen protein in particular is great for your skin, hair, joints, nails and gut. It’s also available in to-go packets for those who travel often.

Stay Fit During Holidays

4 | Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Product Recommendation: ClassPass

If you find yourself getting tired of doing the same workout classes over and over, ClassPass is the best app to try new studios and workouts. “I’ve used ClassPass about half a dozen times, and I think it’s great!” Lake says. “As people start getting back into gyms post-pandemic, ClassPass makes it super easy to see what options are around you that you maybe haven’t heard of before.” If you’re a big traveler like Lake, ClassPass also allows you to find the best studios in any city that you might be visiting, meaning you won’t have to skip your workout just because you’re out of town.

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5 | Track Your Progress.

Product Recommendation: WHOOP

WHOOP is a wearable device that monitors not only your workout, but also your sleep, recovery and overall health. “I’m a working mom, so at the end of my morning television shift I’m always wondering if I should nap or work out,” Lake says. “WHOOP is super helpful for someone who wants to listen to their body as much as possible. Whether you didn’t get enough sleep or you’ve been too sedentary one day, this fitness device helps you figure out what’s best for your body.” WHOOP even monitors your heart rate, resting rate and respiratory rate, ensuring that you stay in tip-top shape 24/7.

Stay Fit During Holidays

6 | Always Stay Hydrated

Product Recommendation: Hidrate Spark 2.0

It’s safe to say that almost all of us could be better about drinking water. No matter how hard we try, staying hydrated can easily slip our minds during a busy day. That’s why the Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle is a must-have! This smart water bottle helps you stay hydrated by reminding you to drink water throughout the day, tracking every sip that you take. “The Hidrate Spark 2.0 is super helpful when it comes to helping you remember to drink water,” says Lake. “It even syncs with your Fitbit for optimal accuracy.” If you see your Hidrate Spark 2.0 starting to glow, that means it’s time to drink up!

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