Here’s How to Create Your Own Dream Home

Written By: Taylor Gorski
Photographed By: Ryan Garvin, Lucy Call, McGee & Co. Studio McGee Netflix

From their hit Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover,” a partnership with Target and a New York Times best-selling book “Make Life Beautiful,” it’s no secret why Studio McGee has over two million Instagram followers. The husband-and-wife team, Syd and Shea McGee, launched their interior design firm in 2014 (Studio McGee) and their e-commerce brand just two years later (McGee & Co.). Their dreamy designs and timeless furnishings are the epitome of home inspiration. 


Home Sweet Home

“I love that every time we get a new project, it’s another opportunity to create something beautiful. Each home is different, along with each client, [which is] what makes it so exciting to start the process with a blank slate and watch the whole design process come together room by room,” says Shea McGee. 


“I love the juxtaposition of light and dark. It has this “moody but bright” aesthetic that is requested a lot. It shows contrast and depth with the natural wood-toned cabinets paired against both the soapstone and fresh concrete countertops,” explains Shea.


In the Eye of the Beholder

Shea says, “Choose a focal point for the space and build around it. In this kitchen, it’s this really attention-grabbing dark soapstone slab above the range, framed by two visually contrasting pendant lights.”


Starry-Eyed Studio McGee

Shea notes, “I’ve always wanted to create spaces with timeless design, but I’ve evolved to using more textures and neutrals in new ways to really elevate individual moments throughout the home. My one piece of advice for timeless design is to trust your gut!”


1 | Greely Chair Studio McGee Netflix


McGee & Co. 


2 | Marlow Surrounded Stoneware Pitcher Studio McGee Netflix


McGee & Co. 


3 | Paulownia Flat Bowl Studio McGee Netflix


McGee & Co. 


4 | Shea Liquid Soap


McGee & Co. 


5 | Milos Beachwood Long Brush


McGee & Co. 

6 | Wood & Marble Cake Stand


McGee & Co. 


7 | Duotone Marble Pepper Mill


McGee & Co. 


8 | Duotone Marble Salt Mill


McGee & Co. 


9 | Mercer Canister


McGee & Co. 


Studio McGee
@studiomcgee | @mcgeeandco

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