From Super Yachts to Simon Cowell’s House, March & White Designs Are In High Demand

Super-Yachts, Luxury Homes and Custom Designs: Meet the March & White Masterminds

Written By: Gabriela Mungarro
Photographed By: Ryan West March & White

Experts: Elliot March and James White
Credentials: Founders of March & White
Class Act: This design duo met at the University of Oxford in 1996, and after working for major architecture firms postgrad, they reunited for March & White in 2010.

Space, value and texture are among some of the principal elements of design for artists, but creativity, talent and vision are ultimately what brings any project to life. There is something remarkable in the ability to create a piece of precious art from a simple idea, and that is exactly what luxury interior design duo March & White are all about—inventing art. Elliot March and James White joined dynamisms and elevated their London-based luxury label, March & White, into a new platform, one they call “elegance with an edge.”

The two masterminds have had their fair share of experiences, from transforming super-yachts, hotels and member’s clubs to working on commercial offices and residential projects. It’s safe to say March & White are establishing their label to worldwide prominence after being recognized as one of the top 100 interior designers in the world by Coveted Magazine. The pair mentioned they reached success after being appointed to work on a residential skyscraper with architect Rafael Viñoly in Manhattan, New York, which lead March & White to launch offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Q: What would you both say has been your best design yet?

Elliot March: Without a doubt, Project Jupiter.

James White: Our recently completed super yacht captures all of our design principles. It’s elegant and customized with beautiful detail by specialist craftsmen.

Q: Any exciting projects in the works?

EM: All our projects excite us. Working with Simon Cowell on multiple homes around the world has pushed us to deliver super-yacht quality levels in a residential setting.

Q: Is there a “dream project” you both would like to take a shot at some day?

EM: One of our goals when founding the company was to design a yacht from scratch and that has already been fulfilled. Maybe the first class clubhouse for the commercial spaceport to Mars!

JM: We’ve already completed every designer’s dream! The 100 meter plus super yacht! Our next dream is to design the ultimate home—a land yacht.

Q: With a background in architecture, how does March & White incorporate that knowledge into projects?

JW: It gives us an appreciation of form, function and light. Since university, Elliot and I have always designed from the inside out. This gives us a mastery of how a good interior should be, and when we create architecture, it generates something far more unique.

Q: Describe the feeling of completing a project.

EM: Rewarding beyond words. Some of the projects we design can take over four years to complete from inception. That’s a very long journey with one client.

JW: It’s an emotional journey you take with your clients. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking the project with your client and being invited for a drink at the bar you have just completed to celebrate.  

Q: Which design trends do you currently find the most fascinating?

EM: One trend we are firmly interested in is the integration of technology and design. Making technology luxurious and appealing is something we are developing through our forthcoming capsule collection.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you both face that limit creativity/work?

EM: Each project has its own unique set of challenges. The most common is the budget, both small and large. Out of adversity we create opportunity. With a large budget the challenge is to develop new materials and finish from scratch.

JW: Challenges by their nature tend to encourage creativity! A compressed budget or lack of space can present opportunities for really clever designs!

Q: Where do you both gather inspiration from?

JW: We are inspired by travel, it’s one of the main influences in our studio and explains our wide-ranging client base. We both like to paint and that inspires our process and fires our creativity.

Q: How is March & White set apart from other luxury design labels?

EM: There are many great designers out there. We both share the same wonderment of children when it comes to design and that takes us a very long way when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the possible.

JW: Our storytelling approach, really understanding our client’s likes and our attention to detail. Having a yachting division allows us to get in really close on the details.

Oui, Oui! March & White have grown to a team of over 30 people between their London, New York and LA offices. Aside from their current offices, the brand hopes to open a fourth location in the South of France.

Work of He(art) Elliot March and James White both take full advantage of the creative freedom that comes with their titles in their quest to push the boundaries of design. The designers’ collaboration has always been central to the label by forming a united front, full of dialogue and creative input to maximize and reach an end result—a masterpiece.  

March & White
LA Studio
9152 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Photoshoot Location:
Hills Penthouse
8560 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA, 90069
Bon Vo-Yacht: Introducing the Interior Design Duo That is Making Cool Super Yachts and Other Amazing Architecture

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