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Plastic Surgery Is Getting Personal

Written By: Isabella Cook
Photographed By: Akin Odebunmi Plastic Surgery Irvine

Dr. Peter Lee is a renowned plastic surgeon and also the Founder and CEO of Wave Plastic Surgery Center, the largest practice of its kind in the nation. Wave took Southern California with such success that a new facility recently opened in San Francisco, with even more on the horizon! Dr. Lee uses his business to help bring more options to more people, paying special attention to individualized patient care. It’s safe to say that your beauty is in good hands with Dr. Lee and the team of doctors at Wave!


The Doctor Is in the House Plastic Surgery Irvine

At the age of 14, Dr. Lee began attending a university for a special physics program, but before long, he decided he needed to work with something more tangible. Dr. Lee then turned his focus to medical school, so he could make a difference. He says, “[Plastic surgery] is not just medicine and science, but art and creativity as well—it all goes hand in hand.” Now, Dr. Lee is an award-winning plastic surgeon with international acclaim. He also travels to teach microsurgery, with an emphasis on minimal incision. Long story short, Dr. Lee is the guy you want to see for all things plastic surgery!

Philosophy on Surgery

Dr. Lee has a unique perspective on plastic surgery that rebuffs the pervasive vanity stereotype of the industry. He (and Wave, by extension) believes that cosmetic surgeries are primarily about increasing a patient’s quality of life. Having the ability to fix your flaws with surgery allows people to gain confidence and shed whatever insecurities they’re carrying. “The gratification of increasing a patients quality of life is what I enjoy,” Dr. Lee explains. Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds or that wonky family nose you inherited, it’s important to never let the small things keep you from going out and enjoying life. As Dr. Lee puts it, “When we stop doing things is when we get older.”

Native Knowledge: At Wave Plastic Surgery Center, there’s a large focus on providing care for Asian-predominant surgeries like the double eyelid procedure. Dr. Lee saw a need for this specialization in the industry.

New Wave Plastic Surgery Irvin

Dr. Lee’s spirit of improving a patient’s quality of life through cosmetic surgery translates over to the company model as well. Wave Plastic Surgery Center is set up to allow for specifically designed individual care. Since Wave is so much larger than other plastic surgery companies, they offer a much larger selection of procedures which, in turn, gives patients a chance to sit down and decide on the absolute best path for them. “Wave covers all spectrums,” says Dr. Lee, “and we offer the most realistic, honest expectations.”

Wave Plastic Surgery Center has locations in Los Angeles, Irvine, Rowland Heights, Arcadia and San Francisco. Pop by for a 30-minute consultation with an expert plastic surgeon if you think some cosmetic surgery might help improve your quality of life!

Native Knowledge: Wave has set its sights on expansion and plans to open up locations in the South and East Bay—after that, the company is off to take on the Big Apple!

Be sure to check out Dr. Lee’s latest Wave Plastic Surgery center, opening early 2020 in Costa Mesa.

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