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At Cody’s La Jolla, There’s so Much Breakfast, so Little Time

Written By: Matthew J. Black
Photographed By: Danielle Jackson Sweet and Savory Breakfasts

In the morning, do you crave sweet or savory? If that’s a battle you fight when it comes to brunch time then you’ll find the answer, no matter what it is, at Cody’s La Jolla. From the patio, hungry eaters get to enjoy a view of the ocean, then satisfy their taste buds with sweet treats like French Toast and savory gems like Eggs Benedict. We couldn’t decide either—that’s why we tried them both and are telling you all about it!

Sweet and Savory Breakfasts


Cody’s has a good thing going at just a stone’s throw away from the sea, so when Owner Adam Stearns took over in 2012, he endeavored to make everything even better. Case in point is the Awesome French Toast, which uses fresh bread from a local bakery daily. And mixing butter with Marscapone and honey? Take your bow, sir!

Sweet and Savory Breakfasts

Awesome French Toast

Let’s talk about the toast. Its thick-sliced Challah bread from Bread and Cie Bakery is lightly battered in the proper French fashion and griddled to perfection. These thick slices of heaven are topped with fresh strawberries and candied walnuts for a tasty crunch. For the finish, spread the delicious Marscapone honey butter on your Challah bread before you drown it in maple syrup.

Sweet Ingredients:
Thick-Sliced Challah Bread
Candied Walnuts
Fresh Strawberries
Marscapone Honey Butter



A traditional, savory Eggs Benny is served with bacon or ham, so how do you improve on that? Cody’s gives us another part of the hog—-the tenderloin. At this point, it’s important to understand that Cody’s doesn’t have a freezer in-house, so you can bet everything is brought in fresh daily. Don’t want pork? Try it with crab. It is La Jolla after all.


Traditional Eggs Benedict

If you’re opting for the classic route, go with the Benny’s two poached, farm-fresh eggs cooked to run over thick-sliced, smoked pork loin. The English muffins round it off, and everything is topped with a house-made hollandaise sauce. Since Cody’s assumes you came to eat, you also get your choice of griddled potatoes or creamy grits.

Savory Ingredients:
Smoked Pork Loin
Poached Eggs
Toasted English Muffin
Choice of Griddled Potatoes or Stone-Ground Grits

La Jolla Loyalty: Cody’s is just about the best place to work in the world, but don’t expect any job openings soon—everyone loves working there so much that they haven’t hired a server in eight years!

Chila-killin’ It: The Awesome French Toast and Traditional Eggs Benedict are fan favorites, but the staff favorite is the Chilaquiles. For the adults in the room it’s a hangover cure, and for everyone else, it’s a Baja California breakfast staple.

A Family Affair: Cody’s really is a family-run operation. They close on holidays like most businesses, but also on October 7, 2017—the day when GM Amanda D’Orazio married Owner Adam Stearns.

Munch, Munch This American Brunch: “Cody’s is an all-American beachside, brunch restaurant. We don’t get too radical with our dishes—we just do traditional stuff very well, and we work hard to provide good ingredients, and focus on the quality of our execution,” says Stearns, “That way, the food and setting speak for themselves.”

Cody’s La Jolla
8030 Girard Ave
La Jolla CA 92037