Eat Till You’re Stuffed—We Won’t Judge

Written By: Mayandra Robbins Sycuan Casino Food Hall

Sycuan Casino Resort has done it again! In early January, the San Diego Casino announced the unveiling of The UnCommons, a perfect culmination of the very essence of San Diego. As part of their $247 million hotel and resort expansion, Sycuan Casino Resort has taken San Diegan staples like Hodad’s, Lucha Libre, Luna Grill, Phil’s BBQ and Sycuan Casino’s very own Hangry Slice and added them to their new food spot, The UnCommons. “Sycuan chose top-tier brands that have original roots in San Diego” said Sycuan’s General Manager, John Dinius. Each and every local eatery has had a positive impact and garnered year of love and respect from their community. That combined with the vast variety of culinary options at their disposal created the opportunity to have a perfect home away from home atmosphere.

While at the media event for the reveal of The UnCommons Market, I was not only able to experience the sheer amount of joy exuded from both the restaurateurs and Sycuan officials but also witness the birth of a new family of sorts. “We are extremely excited and honored to become a part of the Sycuan family and The UnCommons Market,” expressed Jose Luis Rojano, one of the genius brothers behind Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. The excitement of this new merger was not limited to Mr. Rojana but was also shared by everyone in attendance. Every single brand that is involved in The UnCommons Market “are well-known for their consistent quality and passion for giving back to their community,” stated Dinius, and “each [brand] seemed like the natural fit for The UnCommons.”

Now let’s talk about the food. Just a head’s up for the taste aficionados, The UnCommons is a paradise! I’m not sure which is better: the fact that The UnCommons Market has something for everyone to enjoy, or that everything looked so delicious that I had a hard time choosing my favorite! So, in order for you to understand just how great this place is, you have to have an understanding of what to expect. Sycuan Casino Food Hall

Let’s begin with Phil’s BBQ, the pioneer of San Diegan mouthwatering barbeque. This award-winning restaurant will be bringing its delicious pulled pork sandwiches, hot links and brisket sandwiches to dish out to hungry diners. I was lucky enough to sample a bit of their pulled pork sandwich with slaw paired with a macaroni salad, and oh my, I felt like I was thrust back to my grandparent’s house in North Carolina—it was that good. The combination of the sweet tanginess of the barbeque sauce mixed with the succulent pulled pork and the cool refreshing taste of the slaw created an explosion of barbecue goodness. Sycuan Casino Food Hall

Next, we have Lucha Libre. As a self-proclaimed taco connoisseur, I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Not just because their secret sauce is to die for, but the flavor combinations are a true art that everyone will drool over.

Afterward, I was graced with a sample from the renown Hodad’s. Mind you, this was just a sample of what’s to come, and I can guarantee that if their cheeseburger could blow my mind, then everything else they carry we be just as epic.

To change up the pace a bit, The UnCommons Market will also carry Luna Grill. If I had to choose one word to describe Luna Grill, it would be refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I like food cooked in butter and fried to perfection just like anybody else, but Luna Grill brings a special taste that gives the idea of healthy food a new meaning. Plus, their couscous medley with its fresh tomatoes, green onions, red onions, cucumbers and house vinaigrette salad matched with their succulent chicken kabob was absolutely to die for.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we come to the Hangry Slice. I’m not talking about your regular cheese and pepperoni pizza: The Hangry Slice obviously used some sort of magic to create the best pizza I had ever had.

I cannot wait for The UnCommons to open in March so everyone can come and feast on these SD staples at Sycuan Casino Resort. Luckily, we do not have much longer, since The UnCommons will soon grace all of its lucky patrons with a chance to try all the best mouthwatering scrumptious eats that America’s Finest City has to offer.   

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