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Get Fit! Feel the Music! Take Flight!

Ladies and gents, unfasten your seat belts, because we’re ready for take-off

I boarded at the Downtown Los Angeles nightclub Exchange LA for FLIGHT! — LA’s newest invigorating, high-energy dance event — piloted by instructor Sydney Benner, on Saturday, September 6th, with her co-pilot & DJ Ryan Fontana (of Sex Panther).   Sydney Benner

The fusion of EDM “custom beats” laid out by DJ Ryan along with Sydney’s up-tempo cardio, power yoga, and sculpting exercises almost makes you forget you’re actually working out. That isn’t to say this is an easy, breezy,   Mickey Mouse class by any means. I was drenched in sweat, and definitely felt it all over the next day! Sydney Benner

The class starts with a fast-paced yoga flow that works out the legs and arms, and gets your heart rate pumped for the cardio portion. Once you’ve got your energy levels up, the blood flowing, and feeling good, you gotta get low to the ground and start sculpting those gluteals! Leg lifts, kicks, stretches…then comes the DANCE PARTY. A few minutes of free dance, where you can express yourself as your body feels the music.Sydney Benner

Benner’s class is definitely not designed only for those who are already super-fit. The passengers (class attendees) aboard this Flight were of varying fitness levels, ages, and abilities. Sydney made her class feel welcoming, full of great and positive energy, and inclusive.

If you want the feeling of having danced all night, partying with your friends, but without the throngs of people typical of a nightclub crowd, I highly recommend this Flight experience. Extra bonus! The goodie bag filled with Quest Bars, water from Aqua Hydrate, and nutritional samples from Arbonne helps you recuperate post-workout. Sydney Benner

The class has been hyped up to be the next fitness trend, joining the likes of Soul Cycle, Cardio Barre, and Crossfit. So set a travel alert for yourself — look up “We Are Flight” on Facebook, and stay tuned for their next trip! Sydney Benner




618 South Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014



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