From Tai Chi to Hitting the Gym, Morningside Recovery in Irvine Shares Tips on Living a Healthier Life

Morningside Recovery’s Personal Trainer Gives Us the Inside Scoop

Written By: Ameihia Turingan

Morningside Recovery provides addiction recovery and mental health treatment that focuses on caring for and aiding individuals with related disorders. Founded in 2002, Morningside Recovery helps people change their lives for the better through their treatment programs and therapies. As no two patients are the same, the center employs a range of personalized and specialized methods to help all who come to Morningside Recovery to live a healthier lifestyle.

Located in Orange County, Morningside Recovery offers a variety of different services that blend traditional therapies with experimental ones to help clients recover in a way that best suits them. Once admitted to the program, it starts with a detox and then delves into tailored programs to accommodate clients and their individual needs. These specialized offerings include adventure, vocational and academic programs. In addition to the specializations, Morningside is pet-friendly and equipped with residential facilities, indoor gyms and fitness centers, a yoga and tai chi studio, entertainment rooms and kitchens to offer necessities for rehabilitation. Through their facilities, programs and staff members, Morningside Recovery can provide an environment poised for living a healthy lifestyle.

Along with other forms of treatment, healing that works with the mind, body and spirit plays a role in helping clients lead their best lives. One individual that helps others live a healthy lifestyle is Adam Heredia, a personal trainer at Morningstar Recovery. His favorite part about working at Morningside is the ability to see people progress and help them “increase their emotional intelligence, health, and physical attributes.”

Heredia appreciates Morningside’s onsite gym as well as the focus on both “mental as well as physical wellness.” For anyone looking towards living healthier, he suggests to set aside 20 minutes a day and develop a habit of exercising. “The benefits of exercise can enhance your brain function, bodily function and strength, decrease rates of injury, improve longevity [and more]. There’s so many benefits from developing that habit and setting aside time for yourself to take care of your body. [It] would benefit a lot of people in their careers, their families and their interactions with others,” says Heredia.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, Morningside Recovery’s slogan, “Better Choices. Every Day.” is a sentiment that every person should keep in mind when working towards wellness.

Have It Your Way: Clients at Morningside Recovery can choose the type of exercise they prefer from aerobic training, resistance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), calisthenics, flexibility training, yoga and tai chi.

All About Balance: For personal trainer Adam Heredia, leading a healthy lifestyle means that it is holistic and well-balanced. “[It is] making sure that you’re covering all aspects of your life including social, mental, spiritual and physical; never just focusing on one thing.”

Morningside Recovery
1400 Reynolds Ave, Ste 200
Irvine, CA 92614

Morningside Recovery Shares How to Live a Healthier Life

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