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MONDAY taylor knox

I wake up and get some coffee at Pannikin, go surfing for a couple hours, then head to SurfFit gym and train with Paul Hiniker. Later I pick up the kids from school and hit La Especial Norte for dinner. www.pannikincoffeeandtea.com | www.surffit.tv 


TUESDAY taylor knox

I get up early to make Yerba Mate and a protein shake, then call my friends to have a surf and check the waves at Ponto Beach. After, I go have breakfast at Café Topés in Carlsbad. I get some cardio in on the bike and a stretch at home. Dinner’s at Fish 101 with a couple Saint Archers! www.fish101restaurant.com 



I take my daughter (Jordyn) to LCC and grab a coffee at Lofty Bean. Then I go see my chiropractor, Dana Barre, in Cardiff. I check the waves there and go for a surf. Lunch is at Rimel’s. I grab some food from Jimbo’s for dinner.

www.loftycoffeeco.com | www.jimbos.com | www.rimelsrestaurants.com 

THURSDAY taylor knox

I wake up and look at Surfline, and if there are no waves, I go meet my friend Ron Rathbun for a Kelee Meditation. After, I go have lunch at the Hill Street Cafe.
www.surfline.com | www.thekelee.org | www.hillst.org

FRIDAY taylor knox

I wake up, make some Pannikin coffee at home with my wife, Ann-Marie, with our FrancisFrancis! machine. Then I go train at SurfFit and right after that I go eat at Board & Brew in Carlsbad. Maybe grab some Thai food at Lotus Thai. www.pannikincoffeeandtea.com | www.boardandbrew.com | www.lotusthaisd.com 


SATURDAY taylor knox

Surf, then grab a burrito at Pollos Maria. I check in with mom and dad to see if they want to watch a Padres game and BBQ at my house. I get tri-tip from Seaside Market with quinoa and kale salad. www.pollosmaria.com | www.seasidemarket.com 

SUNDAY taylor knox

I wake up and go surfing with my son, Hunter, then go to In-N-Out burger on the way home. I go for a workout, check the forecast and then head for a family dinner at Fish 101 and have their amazing desserts made by John Park’s wife!

www.in-n-out.com | www.fish101restaurant.com