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The Catalina Wine Mixer 2016 Included Concerts at the Beach on Santa Catalina Island

Written By: Dave Carleen Santa Catalina Island Wine Mixer 2016

The 2nd Annual Catalina Wine Mixer further established itself as an event worth coming back for, with visitors and locals enjoying the festivities all weekend long. With the weekend based on the Catalina Wine Mixer scenes in the Will Ferrell film, Step Brothers, the event successfully stretched over three nights: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, the film was screened in the historic Catalina Casino and a costume party was held at Avalon Grille. On Saturday, the festivities at Descanso Beach Club started at 6 p.m. with a concert headlined by THE KONGOS and on Sunday, the entertainment began at 2 p.m.

The Santa Catalina Island Company, still owned by Wrigley’s descendants, produced the first and this second annual Original Catalina Wine Mixer. Many elements of this event were very well planned and executed, like choice of the magnificent location, the physical layout and the efficiency of the production. There was a sophisticated but honestly warm, hospitable attitude exuded by everyone, staff and guests alike. Santa Catalina Island Wine Mixer 2016

Many Step Brothers aficionados in attendance wore elaborate costumes reminiscent of characters and scenes in the film. Calling the evening a “Wine Mixer” is an understatement, it was a lively and alcohol drenched affair. A great selection, there were many wines available and at least four bars with cocktails all day and into the night.  Santa Catalina Island Wine Mixer 2016

Despite mostly no direct audiences, the music could easily be heard throughout the affair because the bands were on a grassy knoll facing down the beach, aligned with participating wineries. The harmonies of Everett Coast were enchanting. The sophisticated, soft-country sounds and lyrics by Erick Macek have meaning beyond the pleasant tune. And the solid, almost beguiling rock sounds of the Adam Lasher Band were heard throughout the affair as well.

Finally, dauntless and determined, Machineheart filled the stage and the audience became excited to be at a rock concert. Female vocalist, Stevie Scott and guitarist Carman Kubanda, were especially impressive. Kubanda elicited sounds from a guitar that probably no one else can and Scott’s voice is ethereal but broadly enchanting. The Dan Band, made famous by their female pop parodies in Old School and The Hangover closed out the event, with renditions of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Por ti Volare.”  Santa Catalina Island Wine Mixer 2016

If you haven’t visited Catalina Island—or if you haven’t been in the past decade, Catalina Island is worth a visit. Santa Catalina Island is an approximately 47, 000 acre (nearly 75 square miles) island 22 miles off the coast of The Port of Los Angeles and Orange County. The Santa Catalina Island Company was established in 1894 and was purchased by William Wrigley Jr. (yes, of chewing gum fame) in 1919. Since Wrigley and his descendants have owned the property, conservation of nature has been a primary intention. In fact, in 1975, Wrigley’s descendants deeded 88 percent of the island to the Catalina Island Conservancy, which is one of the oldest and one of the largest private land trusts in the US. The overwhelming majority of the land is like nature created it. This made for a perfect venue for The Catalina Wine Mixer. The event will be back at Descanso Beach Club next year from Sept.22 – 24, 2017.

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