The Beauty of Self-Confidence with Dr. Sanjay Grover

Written By: Dionne Evans
Photography By: Sammy Zargaran The Beauty of Self-Confidence with Dr. Sanjay Grover

The Expert: Dr. Sanjay Grover
Credentials: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

As a meticulous, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Grover found his calling in the creative field of cosmetic surgery. He has been part of the ever-changing industry for 16 years and is noticing and participating in all the new trends. Not only are there more non-surgical options available, but there are many surgical advances too. Dr. Grover is aware that patients visit his office for an initial consult to interview him and to see if his practice is a good fit for them. However, he also uses this time to assess them and make sure they are the right fit for him. It is important to Dr. Grover that his patients have a reasonable understanding of what is involved and what results can be achieved.

Q: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetic surgery field?
Sanjay Grover: I appreciate beauty — it suits my meticulous and obsessive nature. It is very rewarding to enhance my patient’s natural beauty and improve their self-confidence.

Q: How has the industry changed over the 16 years you have worked as a plastic surgeon?
SG: In today’s industry there are significantly greater options for non-surgical procedures. We are also noticing an increase in the desire of younger patients for both surgical and non-surgical options. We offer Botox and a variety of injectable fillers and devices/lasers for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. We also offer non-invasive devices such as Coolsculpting, UltraShape, and Vanquish for body-contouring.

Q: What do your patients come to you for the most?
SG: I specialize in plastic surgery of the face, nose, breasts and body. Because of this, surgical patients come in for everything from a rhinoplasty, to a face-lift, to a mommy makeover. I also perform many “liquid facelifts” which may involve neurotoxins such as Botox as well as injectable fillers.

Q: What steps should someone take when they are considering plastic surgery?
SG: If a patient is considering plastic surgery, they should first do their research and seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon. A great place to do this is, the website for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). I am also a board member for them. Their next step would be to come in for a consultation and discuss with their potential surgeon what their options are. Many patients schedule consultations with several physicians, so they can choose a practice that suits their specific needs.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
SG: Being a plastic surgeon is very rewarding. I love helping my patients enhance their self-confidence. It is amazing to see their transformations both externally and internally. My patients come to me with a vision and dream in mind, and I help them achieve it. I love that we offer both surgical and non-surgical options. We have increased our armamentarium of services that we can offer over the past few years. I also love this field because it is technically challenging and gives me the opportunity to use my artistic side too.

Q: What are your favorite products to use on yourself?
SG: ZO Skin Health and Teoxane are both great skin care lines that I use. I also recommend them to my patients.

Q: What are things men can do to help with anti-aging?
SG: We are seeing an increase in the number of men who are interested in cosmetic improvement using both surgical and non-surgical options. Many men want to look and feel younger as well as compete with their younger counterparts. We recommend skin-care products such as ZO and Teoxane as well as Botox and injectable fillers for men who are looking for a subtle and more natural improvement. We also recommend Kybella, a new product on the market, which reduces the “double chin” appearance. I am one of the physicians selected to train other physicians.

Q: How does a typical consultation with you go?
SG: Patients will be greeted when they arrive at the office and led into one of our custom designed consultation rooms. The patient will meet with me for approximately 30 minutes to discuss their concerns, needs, issues and candidacy for surgery. I utilize some tools, including animations on my touch screen computer, to better educate my patients on different procedures as well as various methods to achieve their desired result. We also may use specialized software to simulate their potential “after” photos. We talk about what is possible, what is not, and what realistic to expect. Patients will then meet with my patient care coordinator to discuss additional details. She will then review their quotes, financing options, and available surgical dates and answer any further questions they may have.

Q: Are there ever any instances where you refuse to surgically treat a patient?
SG: There are many instances where I may decline operating on someone because I do not feel they are a good candidate medically or surgically. Also, they may not have realistic expectations of what actually can be achieved.

Q: Do you keep in contact with any of your patients afterward?
SG: Yes. I see my patients regularly during the first year postoperatively. I then encourage my patients to follow up with me on an annual basis. I like to ensure that my patients are doing well and observe how they heal over time. We also have a comprehensive medspa with the latest technology for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and body contouring that many patients use to maintain their results. I have a registered nurse that takes care of all of our non-surgical medspa patients, and I perform all of our injectables such as Botox and fillers. It is important to seek out a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist for injectables as complications can arise if not injected properly.

Q: What’s the usual long-term effect of getting plastic surgery? Do people feel better about themselves and their lives?
SG: Many studies have shown the benefits of plastic surgery; it truly does have the ability to enhance an individual’s self-confidence. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is to help people feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin. The media often portrays people who take plastic surgery to the extreme. This is unfortunate because there are many beautiful people walking the streets who have had good plastic surgery, and they look very normal and natural.

Q: Do you have any celebrity clients?
SG: Of course. I started my practice in Beverly Hills and have performed surgery on a variety of patients from professional athletes and celebrities, to musicians and every day soccer moms. As you might imagine, celebrities usually prefer to keep their procedures private and out of the public eye. Regardless of an individual’s status, all people pay attention to how they look, and plastic surgery definitely does something to help with that.

Dr. Grover’s Beauty Tips for Women:

1. Smile

2. Use excellent sunscreen 

3. Teoxane and ZO skin care lines

4. Botox

5. Injectable fillers

Sanjay Grover MD, FACS
360 San Miguel Dr, #507
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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