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Whether You’re Looking for Martinis or Pizza, We Got You Covered

Written By: Erik Hale 3rd Street in Las Vegas

Two Martini Lunch

Are you looking for a thick cut steak and a martini for lunch? Triple George Grill is routinely awarded as the Best Power Lunch restaurant in Las Vegas. The San Francisco inspired restaurant features classic steaks, seafood, chops, and salads and is a Downtown Las Vegas institution. With one of the few patio dining options in downtown, it might be the best place to dine alone and people watch.


Nothing Good Happens After 2 a.m., Thank Goodness

If you’re craving a Mai Tai with four pieces of fruit and an umbrella you have come to the wrong place. If you enjoy raising your voice without being shushed, dancing on the bar, appreciate a mustached bartender that has no problem putting you in your place — then welcome to Hogs & Heifers.

Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

How you start and end your nights in Vegas probably couldn’t look more different. You might hang your head out of a limo sunroof, dance with the security guard, or walk home carrying your shoes; but there are ways to start your night classy. Have your crew meet at Sidebar at 11 p.m. for some pre-party cocktails and take photos with your shoes on.


Cheese Cures Hangovers

You will thank us later for saving your life. When you wake up with a head full of wasps and your stomach is doing flip flops, stumble over to Pizza Rock and order the Detroit Red Top. A rectangular pizza cooked in a blue steel pan from Detroit with ingredients like Wisconsin brick cheese and butter toasted cheese corners, topped with garlic, two racing stripes of marinara, Pecorino Romano, and oregano.

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