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Founder Peter Belden Talks One-of-a-Kind Memberships at The Board Club

Written By: Si Si Penaloza
Photographed By: Jackson Hall The Board Club

If your budding relationship boils down to one part “The Shape of You” and two parts The Shape of Water, The Board Club has a Valentine’s Day special worthy of your splurge. Founder Peter Belden hopes to ignite a new wave of members looking to hone new skills in the supportive ecosystem he cultivates at his Newport Beach-based surf club. Unlimited access to a top notch collection of over 200 surfboards from established California shapers? Now that’s the gift that literally keeps on giving. From 7’2″ single fins and old school longboards to asymmetricals and shortboards, members routinely tap the ultimate quiver for all wave conditions.

Best perk of all? An unparalleled opportunity for surfers to build rapport with local shapers. “The most validating aspect of building this community is witnessing giddy members returning after an ‘aha’ moment,” reflects Belden. “Being part of that moment of glow when it all comes together—the right board for the relevant conditions—it’s a great feeling.” Membership also includes social events, networking opportunities, surfboard design education, photo and video surf sessions and movie nights on their 10’ projector screen!

Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen their boyfriend succumb to seasonal blues, or fall down the rabbit hole of Netflix? Encouraging your boo to get back on the board may just be the spring revival your relationship needs. The Board Club thrives on creating connections that resonate on a deeper level, inspiring members toward moments of revelation.

In the era of Airbnb and the global kinship economy, Belden boasts his own data diplomacy, tracking club boards all the way out to Indonesia, Costa Rica and Australia. “Much of the ethos behind The Board Club was inspired by my own frustrations with having the wrong board for the constantly changing surf conditions,” he recalls. Surfers network by necessity, communicating about conditions on a daily basis, building solidarity with regards to safety; in many ways, they are the heart of local knowledge in any coastal town with a decent break.

Whether they’re backpackers or billionaires, surfers crave carving out new frontiers by experimenting with innovative gear. Equally paramount, today’s informed global citizens look to broadcast transformative journeys to their following. The Board Club is the solution surfers didn’t even know they needed. When riding high in the media capture session, you’re sure to get tagged in the sweetest spot of that barrel. Valentine’s Day done and dusted.

The Board Club Newport Beach is offering 10 percent off gift certificates that you can buy in store or online. This deal expires Feb. 15, so act fast!

The Board Club
408 31st St
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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