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Dr. Nathan D. Ford Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Biologix

Written By: Danielle Gumina The Future of Beauty and Wellness Is at Biologix Med
Photographed By: Gerald Hawkins

The beauty industry opens doors to endless health and cosmetic regimes. As the industry is advancing, so too are the products and services many of us rely on to maintain our best versions of ourselves. We spoke with Dr. Nathan D. Ford, medical director of Biologix Med, to learn more about how his practice is keeping up with the ever-growing beauty industry.

Q: Tell us a little about Biologix Med and how it all got started.

Nathan D. Ford: Biologix is an anti-aging medical practice in the heart of West Hollywood. The Biologix philosophy is based on an “inside-out” approach to wellness and beautification. The real impactful, long lasting and life changing improvements come from our bio-identical hormone replacement, IV vitamin therapy and individualized diet and exercise programs.

Q: Could you briefly explain your professional background?

NF: After graduating from the UCLA School of Medicine, I did a year of intensive training in the general surgery program at Harbor-UCLA county hospital in Torrance. After a brief stint of specialty training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at UCLA/West LA Veterans Hospital, I discovered the field of anti-aging medicine. Currently, I hold a board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, as well as diplomate to the board of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. In 2012, I opened the first Biologix in San Diego and later relocated to West Hollywood.

Q: Tell us something interesting that excites you about the advancements of the health and beauty industry.

NF: At this point, the single ongoing advancement in the health and beauty industry that excites me the most is stem cell therapy. We now have techniques to safely and effectively gather stem cells from a patient and re-inject them into that same patient and the results are mind blowing. We are currently developing our own proprietary stem cell techniques at Biologix and I can’t wait to roll out some of these amazing, life changing treatments.

Q: To you, what makes Biologix Med an exceptional facility?

NF: Unlike other practices, Biologix takes an inside out approach to wellness and beauty. We combine the most up-to-date general medicine guidelines with the most cutting edge anti-aging medicine treatments. When you walk into Biologix it should feel like the Four Seasons Hotel. When you walk out of Biologix you should have a sense of optimism and understanding of your path to wellness. We unlock the fountain of you.

Q: What three words best describe Biologix Med?

NF: Modern, transformative and healing. Modern: a completely novel approach to wellness medicine; transformative: not only in the cosmetic sense, but more so in the sense of transforming a patient’s life from dull and routine to invigorating and full of possibility; and healing: bring your broken souls and broken bodies. Biologix heals and improves from the inside out.

Q: For those who have never tried cosmetic remedy treatments, what is something a prospective client should be aware of?

NF: There is no one size fits all. Perhaps the most important step prior to a cosmetic procedure is to sit with the patient and make sure we can come up with some realistic expectations. The goal of any cosmetic procedure should be to improve upon and emphasize one’s natural features. Beware of practitioners that over promise results! And last but not least, it’s your face! Don’t price shop; doctor shop instead.

Q: You have a wide range of available treatments to cater to your clients’ needs, what are some of your most popular treatments?

NF: Our bio-identical hormone replacement, vampire facial and lip filler/sculpting are some of our absolute favorites.

Q: Tell us about IV therapy treatments.

NF: IV vitamin therapy is the delivery of high quality vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream. What a lot of people don’t know is that we only absorb about 10 percent of the vitamins we take orally. IV delivery is 100 percent absorption! Whether we are curing a nasty hangover, prepping for a challenging workout or simply optimizing vitamin levels in the body to stave off aging and inflammation, IV therapy is the key.

Q: What professional advice would you give to your clients to stay healthy during the holidays?

NF: We all tend to eat a little more than usual during the holidays. Often this is all but unavoidable! However, there are few simple things we can do to make sure our extra eating doesn’t translate into extra weight for the new year. First, limit your portions. I know there are tons of delicious looking specialty dishes to be had. Try just a single scoop of each instead of piling on. Second … no seconds! It’s easy to devour all that deliciousness and race back for second helpings of your favorite items. What happens is we eat so quickly that our stomach doesn’t have time to relay the “I’m full” signal to our brain. Try having a large glass of water before your meal and allow at least 10 minutes for your food to settle after clearing your first plate. Lastly, get some exercise before and after your meal. A vigorous exercise a few hours before the big meal will clear out some calories for the next meal. Further, when our muscles are awakened and turned on by a workout they demand a large portion of the calories from the next meal you eat. After a big meal, a casual walk is an excellent way to promote healthy digestion and quick turnover of those new calories.

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