The GIRL POWER Is Real at These 3 Female-Run Companies in LA

We’re Talking Sustainability, Craftsmanship and Creativity 

Written By: Allie Lebos, Nicole Jeffries
Photographed By: Charlie Chipman  Female Founded Shops LA


Name: Rachel Temko
Job Title: Founder, Whimsy + Row

While following the latest and greatest trends is always important, sustainable shopping has recently made its way to the top of the priority list when looking to add to one’s closet. Luckily, Whimsy + Row makes finding eco-friendly options easy.

Founder Rachel Temko studied sustainable fashion while in school, and after seeing the limited options available, she decided to create her own brand. “Our story began with vintage and supporting other brands,” Temko explains. “When we transitioned into creating our own eco-conscious collections, we took a pledge that every decision we made would be the most sustainable option.” Being that the fashion industry is the third-largest polluter in the world, all items at Whimsy + Row undergo a strict regimen for sustainability.

“Made in limited-run batches in Los Angeles, our clothing is handmade under ethical conditions, using the most sustainable materials,” states Temko. “We produce everything locally, use low-impact dyes, zero water printing, recycled water, upcycled fabrics and fabrics made with natural fibers like linen, Tencel, Certified Organic cotton and cupro.”

Through the efforts made at Whimsy + Row, nearly two million hours of light-bulb energy have been saved, along with almost 500 pounds of waste. “Without sacrificing style, fit and quality, we are an attainable and approachable eco-conscious brand. We’ve got the best of both worlds,” says Temko. 

While Whimsy + Row has plenty of options when it comes to giving your wardrobe a stylish yet conscious upgrade, Temko’s favorites are their Flora Pants, Jordan Jacket, Maya Top, Linen Valentina Sets and Lola Dress.

Whimsy + Row
12801 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Name: Jamie Rosenthal Female Founded Shops LA
Job Title: Founder, Lost & Found

Lost & Found offers more than clothing and home decor to its loyal patrons. It serves as a toolbox for those with an innate need to create—whether it be the transformation of a space or the declaration of a statement, fashionably draped on one’s physical canvas. It’s a Bohemian-inspired time machine that transports you back to an era when quality eclipsed quantity. It exists as a destination for curating an aesthetic that is daring and novel, but true to one’s identity and expression.

When Jamie Rosenthal opened her first Lost & Found location 20 years ago, she wanted to give Los Angeles a taste of what the world has to offer. “My father was a shoe designer and manufactured in Italy and around the world in the ‘60s and ‘70s” says Rosenthal. “My aesthetic is influenced by this period in design and fashion, and where it intersects with the intellectual and social ideals of this time.”

Rosenthal prioritizes craftsmanship and offers a rotating inventory of European fabrics, art and furniture. She is thoughtful in her shop selections and hopes that her pieces “invoke a sense of curiosity and a human connection that does not exist with many mass-produced products and chain stores.”

Lost & Found has now expanded to three locations. Like the treasures that take sanctuary inside their walls, these concept stores continue to stand the test of time and gently remind us that beauty doesn’t always fade. Rosenthal continues to remain curious and in motion, always on the hunt for hidden gems across the globe.

Lost & Found
Hollywood | Santa Monica

Name: Ali LaBelle Female Founded Shops LA
Job Title: Senior Creative Director,
Photography Provided By:

What would life be without fun prints and patterns? Thanks to popular lifestyle brand, we may never have to know. 

According to’s Senior Creative Director Ali LaBelle, “Things sure have changed over the last 12 years! Since the start of, we’ve evolved into a lifestyle brand and make a whole lot of products, including stationery, apparel, drinkware and bags.” While strives to inspire their customers with state-of-the-art products, LaBelle says, “Our product design team draws inspiration from so many places, but ultimately, we are inspired by our customers…We make and sell things we genuinely use and love.” Being that they curate an array of products and items, intention remains the focus behind anything crafted and sold at “What sets us apart is that with everything we do—from designing and customer service to the brands we choose to partner with—we do with intention. We want to give our customers the tools to be their best…the idea is that we’re bringing joy and optimism into their day,” explains LaBelle. While promotes an impressive selection of lifestyle products, some customer favorites include’s yearly planners, notepads, intention-setting necklaces and graphic tees.

Website | + posts

Allie Lebos graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017 with a BA in Communication. While in school she was a staff writer at The Daily Nexus for nearly two years. Since graduating she has written for The Palisades Magazine, as well as Hidden Hills Magazine. Currently living in Santa Monica, Allie loves to indulge in good food, hot yoga, and daily walks along the beach; writing articles on travel, special events, as well as features on local businesses and individuals.


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