You Better Work(out)

Written By: Taylor Gorski
Photographed By: Ari Moshayedi Fitness Influencers

This story is from the pages of a previous LOCALE print magazine. As state and county regulations are in a constant state of flux due to Covid-19, some of the businesses mentioned may be temporarily closed. Please visit their individual websites to ensure they are currently open, and please follow all safety procedures in place.


Name: Joanna Huckins and Jacquelyn Fisher
Job Title: Creators, Sweat & Tell 

Joanna Huckins and Jacquelyn Fisher, creators of Sweat & Tell, discovered they needed to get moving after sitting at a desk all day at their corporate jobs. The two best friends started reviewing fitness studios in 2018, creating a platform to share their real experiences and wellness tips. This dynamic duo often partners with local brands and businesses, and you can find them hosting local workout events. While balancing real life, the two girls serve as a motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. 


1 | Keep It Sweaty 

“Grab your yoga mat, a towel and an iced water bottle when taking a Ra Yoga class, because these classes get you moving and sweating! We love the variety of classes available at the studio and online; from relaxing vinyasa to strength building.”


2 | Low-Impact, High-Intensity Movements 

“There are two things we always remind ourselves when taking a Pure Barre Newport Beach class at home or in the studio: put on those grip socks and TUCK! Don’t let the small movements deceive you because you will feel the burn during class and the soreness after!”


3 | Put in Work 

“We always wear our most compression-style leggings to a HIIT workout like SIX Workout. When it comes to cardio, you want no distractions. Put your hair in a high pony and nix those baggy clothes for maximum performance.”

4 | No Moving Necessary 

“We love to sweat it out in the sauna—with a Netflix show on—at Perspire Sauna Studio. It makes the detox time fly by!” 


5 | Have Some Fun! Fitness Influencers

Newport Peach knows how to put you in a good mood! Pre-register and get there early to grab your equipment. Be open-minded to get a little silly while you do some dance-inspired moves.”


6 | Planning Is Key Fitness Influencers

“We’ve been using several different online streaming platforms to ensure we are getting in our workouts even from our living rooms. We plan our workouts for the week in our calendars ahead of time, and we’ve been holding one another accountable with virtual workout meetings too.”


7 | Listen to Your Body Fitness Influencers

The two girls elaborate on the importance of listening to your body. “Don’t forget to take time for recovery whether it’s stretching, a sauna session or cryotherapy. We prioritize these just as much as the workout itself,” says Joanna and Jacquelyn. 

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