The Halal Guys from NYC Platter Up in San Jose

Happy Gyro Day, Bay Area! Spend it With The Halal Guys

Written By: Pearl Dworkin Halal Guys San Jose

The Halal Guys are a world famous New York City eatery that started in 1990. They now have numerous locations worldwide, and are still growing. Now, they have just opened their first Bay Area location in San Jose.

Patrick Mock, a San Jose native, is the owner of his hometown’s location. Patrick first tried The Halal Guys’ food when he worked in NYC. He would work long hours, and Halal Guys was his go-to place for tasty, nourishing meals at any hour of the night. Halal guys were notorious for staying open with no other eateries were; they closed at 4 a.m! If there were a line, which there often was, they would stay open until everyone was fed. When Patrick decided to come home to San Jose, he had to bring his favorite NYC meals with him.

They opened in June, and the grand opening line had a wait of up to four hours. Patrick says, they have experienced the first wave of former New Yorkers, friends who bring friends, and are now feeding their third wave of fans, those who are completely new to The Halal Guys. Customers are coming to San Jose from as far away as Sacramento and Salinas to get their Halal fix. Jason is the busy general manager, here in San Jose. He makes sure everything is running smoothly. Even though they are constantly busy, the quality of the food and courteous customer service is guaranteed here.

The Halal Guys brings more than a little East Coast flavor. From the chopping sounds of the chicken being freshly prepared—reminiscent to the sounds of the food carts of NYC—to the original and flavorful white sauce that The Halal Guys are known for.

The combo platter is the most popular choice (small $8.99 and regular $9.99) and definitely recommended for your first visit. You will get a very generous sized portion, which could even be shared with a friend. This is a balanced meal, complete with meats, lettuce, tomatoes, and pita for a very reasonable price. The meats are marinated and grilled in house. The beef is cooked to perfection with a vertical broiler and the chicken is freshly grilled. The pitas are warmed over the house-marinated and freshly grilled chicken, and if you like hot, like really hot sauce, you will not be disappointed. Don’t worry, if you have sensitive taste buds, you can hold the red sauce! You can always start with one line of red sauce and add another if you dare, and routinely someone from the staff will be on-hand going to the tables, to give you an additional warm-up of  the famous red sauce. The lines never stop, but they move quickly, efficiently and the food is fresh, and deliciously spiced! There is outdoor seating, a beautiful park to have an American Halal picnic just steps away, and plenty of parking.

After eating their baba ghanoush, you will quickly understand why the Arabic origin of the word baba ghanoush is “pampered papa.” The delicious eggplant is smoky and just right! For $1.49 you can add a scoop of “pampered papa” or their creamy hummus to your combo plate. This tip isn’t on the menu, so don’t forget to scoop up that extra scoop! If you’re too full after your meal to have dessert right away, then get some of their delicious Baklava to go so you can enjoy it at home later with some mint tea.

The Halal Guys
81 Curtner Ave Ste 20
San Jose, CA 95125
Celebrate Gyro Day With The Halal Guys!

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