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Home Furnishings by Upcoming and Well Known Artists—at a Price We Love

Written By Guest Blogger: Caroline Juen of Love and Loathing LA The Hängar LA
Photography By: Tommy Garcia

Fact: Furniture shopping in Los Angeles can be just as challenging as apartment hunting. Especially if you’re not equipped with a big ol’ fancy budget that allows you to spend at your will, but even if you’re working with a decent budget it can be difficult to find things that justify the price tag. Those of us with taste that don’t want to blow our entire budgets on a lamp are somewhat limited in terms where we can shop in LA; we’re over the days of shopping for everything at Ikea, we’re not quite at Restoration Hardware level, but we want something slightly more unique than what we’d find at West Elm. I was constantly underwhelmed and feeling “” with furniture shopping in LA until I’d recently gone in to Mar Vista’s ‘The Hängar LA’.

The space was once an actual hangar, hence the name, so you can already imagine just how large it is and how many incredible pieces they’ve managed to offer and display inside. You’ll notice that with even such a high sense of curation, that the pieces are very mixed in terms of new, reclaimed, and antique. There are tons of “scenes” for every room in the home, but the esthetic seems to lean towards a rustic, industrial, chic, even a bit mid-century modern, “California-living” vibe—a vibe I think many, if not most of us, Angelenos strive for. Even for expensive looking drool-worthy furniture, more eclectic and approachable than most I’ve come across in LA, the prices are unbelievably fair. I wouldn’t say anything is cheap but I definitely wouldn’t consider anything overpriced or too expensive either – everything is just as stated: fair. Items like a couch, for instance, I’ve been on the hunt for a big comfy oversized couch for months, years even, and the first couch I come across at The Hängar is almost exactly what I had in mind for a reasonable price. When I’d found similar options at other furniture stores, I couldn’t believe my eyes upon glancing at the price tags. I’ve had a certain amount I’d be willing to pay in mind for a decent piece of furniture, but fortunately, it was definitely not the price of a show horse or a five-star vacation.

Besides wonderful pieces of affordable furniture, pillows, and other home accents, The Hängar also displays and sells art from several up-and-coming and noteworthy LA based artists. You’ll find pieces from beloved street artists WRDSMTH, IMHUGE, Bisco Smith and more available to peruse and/or purchase. The Hangar could be kind of like shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea; Corinne the lovely owner finds new pieces to add to the store once a week, every week and she buys everything from one-of-a-kind antiques to brand new pieces. If there’s something you’re particularly on the hunt for, Corinne is more than happy to help you find it.

On my first visit to the shop, all I could think about was “where the hell have you been all my life.” With a huge selection of quality and unique pieces, an owner with good intentions, a great space and fair prices… The Hängar really is kind of a dream come true, and this is why I’m giving you the 411 on this furniture store gem. Who wouldn’t want to properly “adult”, look good doing it, and not overpay? In other words… you’re welcome.

3472 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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