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Written by: Isai Rocha of www.foodbeast.com
Photos by: Peter Pham The L.A. Fair Features DEEP-FRIED GUAC BOMBS

The godfather of deep fried food has wowed us again by taking one of Mexico’s proudest dips and frying it into a delicious ball.

Chicken Charlie’s is blessing L.A. Fair-goers with his new deep-fried guacamole balls until September 27.

The Frymaster is making his own batches of fresh guacamole into little balls, covering them in his famous batter and dropping them into the fryer for a heart-stopping snack that is so bad for you, it’s good.

Chicken Charlie is a man who will fry anything he can get his hands on, just peep his deep-fried Starbucks coffee and deep fried cereal.

Sure, deep-frying guacamole takes away its use as a dip, but now you can take that little guac bomb and dip it in some of Chicken Charlie’s secret ranch.

Take a quick look at his frying process below: