Stay Fit Without the Crowded Gym Experience

Written By: Carli Critchfield  The LOOK Fitness
Photographed By: Andrea Domjan
Makeup By: Noel Sweeney
Model: Taylor Anne of Brand Model & Talent Agency

The LOOK Fitness is a new gym in Newport Beach that will bring a new level of luxury and fitness to your world. Bryan Greene, owner of The LOOK Fitness is also a trainer of professional dancers and cheerleaders as well as other athletes, doctors and lawyers.

“Many of the cheerleaders I was training were complaining about the gym being a place to be seen, ” Bryan says.

This inspired him to start The LOOK Fitness, a gym with a cap on memberships. The facility offers group classes and a free weight room but it’s limited to 100 people having a membership.

Does this cause a waiting list? Ultimately, Bryan says yes; however, you can still take the group classes while in line for a membership for the weight room, and once you score that membership, the weight room and group classes are unlimited to you.

The LOOK Fitness is equipped with some of the best quality machines. The group exercise room has TRX bands hanging from the ceiling, equipment for Barre classes, and has an iPad on the wall, so when the room is not in use, you can sync your phone and jam to music as loud as you want. The classes are scheduled around popularity, making it easier for you to take the classes you want.

The LOOK Fitness is located on the outer edge of Fashion Island. Pricing packages range from singles classes, personal training, and monthly memberships. “When each customer signs up for a monthly membership, they get a free personal trainer session every six weeks, ” Bryan says.

Not only is The LOOK Fitness a place to get in a great workout with little to no crowd, Bryan has made sure that it’s an experience that you’ll love. His main goal is for you to reach yours.

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The LOOK Fitness
2125 San Joaquin Hills Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Bryan Green from LOOK Fitness Says Their Goal is For You to Meet Yours

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