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San Diego’s Outstanding Luxury Cinema

Written By: Jackie Bryant The LOT Makes its Grand Entrance at Liberty Station
Photographed By: Sarah Nail

There are many changes happening in San Diego’s luxury cinema scene, and The LOT is the name you’ll hear associated with most of them. The San Diego-based company just opened their second location at Liberty Station and, never resting on its laurels, revamped their happy hour menu at their flagship La Jolla location just in time for spring and summer.

Founder and CEO Adolfo Fastlicht is committed to a unique, curated experience for The LOT’s customers, so no two locations are exactly alike. He says that, “everything you see is planned out and intentional, it’s hand-selected with a purpose.” This includes the menus, which differ from location to location and will continue to do so as the company opens up more theaters throughout California.

In particular, at the The LOT La Jolla, this includes shared, seasonal plates, cocktail, beer, and wine specials. The standouts of the shared plates include charred shishito peppers, Scottish Balik salmon carpaccio, and a Spanish chorizo flatbread with manchego cheese, roasted peppers, and wild arugula. Clearly, this is a cut above the nuclear orange nacho cheese and stale popcorn of movie theater food of old. This is all part of Fastlicht’s vision to create an unrivalled, all-encompassing entertainment experience, and he believes there’s no reason why you can’t have excellent food while viewing a movie.

In that vein, Fastlicht and The LOT pulled out all the stops for its Liberty Station opening party on May 4th. The party included people from all facets of media and entertainment in Southern California, and word has it that a few Mexican government ambassadors were in attendance, as well. Passed appetizers included mini fried chicken sliders with creamy slaw, burger sliders, whipped goat cheese and figs on toast. Among the desserts, our favorites were the mini strawberry shortcakes, cupcakes, blueberry tarts, and coconut macaroons. Guests enjoyed a full open bar and were able to sample different popcorn flavors while they sipped their drinks. After a speech welcoming and thanking guests while sharing his enthusiasm for the future, Fastlicht invited everyone to join movie screenings to formally inaugurate the theater.

Keep an eye out for more openings—Fastlicht has his eye on several locations for the future, bringing luxury viewing experiences to North County San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

La Jolla
7611 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037


Liberty Station
2620 Truxtun Rd
San Diego, CA 92106
La Jolla and Liberty Station now Home to Luxury Cinema, The LOT