Fitness Tip
Fitness Tip

The Only Fitness Tip You’ll Need For Life

Oscar Rodriguez Gives Us The Fitness Tip We’ve All Been Searching For—And It’s So Easy!

Written By: Molly Brooks  The Only Fitness Tip You’ll Need For Life
Photographed By: Nick Isabella

The Expert: Oscar Rodriguez
Credentials: Owner of GFit San Diego

Q: What is your number one nutrition tip for your clients?

Oscar Rodriguez: Its more than just eating healthy. My number one advice is to plan and prepare. If you can plan and prepare healthy meals ahead of time, youll be way ahead of the game. No matter how healthy you eat, if you dont plan you will end up stuck. If you have nothing ready, you will stress out when it comes time to eat lunch or dinner. Most times, youll just eat the first thing that is available, which is probably not the best option.

Get Up and Workout Today!

Oscar’s favorite cardio core workout is The 120 Core Descender

Do 3 rounds as follows: 50 reps for the first round, 40 reps for the second round, 30 reps for the final round. The number of burpees remain the same in each round. Remember to warm-up and cool down for 5-10 minutes each. Complete the following  in your best time with proper form:

  • 50 Cross-body Mountain Climbers 1-1 (knee in towards opposite shoulder)
  • 5 Burpees
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 5 Burpees
  • 50 V-ups

Q: What are your favorite outdoor exercises for the summer?

OR: Hiking is great in the summer. San Diego is beautiful and there are so many awesome hikes to choose from. My favorites are sunrise hikes. Starting your day with the morning sun is empowering. On Sundays, my clients and I go on sunrise hikes and race to the top to catch the sun coming up. It starts your day on an awesome note. Besides that, getting to the beach and swimming is great. We even host an event with another gym called Paddle Games.

Q: How did your previous experiences impact your career choice?

OR: Ive always been into fitness, all my life. Ive been involved with coaching, leading, been a team captain and more. Early on, I got an opportunity to be in the military as a Navy Seal, but unfortunatelyor fortunately depending on how you look at itI wasnt very good in the water, I was too dense and sank. After that phase evolved, I met with my commanding officer. He knew my background and he wanted me to help get the other sailors pass their fitness assessments. After four years of seeing what I could do for my fellow Navy men, I decided to pursue a career in personal training and group fitness. I didnt know where that was going to take me, but I dove in feet first and just ran with it. It was the best decision I ever made.

Q: What inspired you to open GFit?

OR: I have always wanted to open up a gym, I just wasn’t sure where. My business partner, who owns the yoga studio across the street, worked out at the gym I was training at. When I had decided to move onto another opportunity, he offered me a chance to open up a gym here in South Park. I was very interested, and after a lot of discussions and meetings, we ended up where we are. I feel very lucky to be here.

Q: What is the gyms philosophy?

OR: We have a functional training and holistic approach to wellness. Our goal is very specific, yet broad at the same time. Our program is designed specifically for using your fitness to improve your everyday life. However, that goal broadens because of all the components in one persons life. For example, in the real world, there arent any machines, so we dont have any machine in our gym. Whether you want to play volleyball with friends or you have to chase after a bus, the fitness programs here are designed to help you in those types of situations.

Q: GFit is very group oriented, what are the benefits of working out in a group setting/class?

OR: Community. Its awesome. Imagine coming into classes every week and getting to work out with like-minded people. You get to chat with them, push each other and meet new friends. After class our clients go out to dinner together, go hiking or have get-togethers. We are very much a community here.

GFit San Diego
1504 30th St
San Diego, CA 92102

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