We Got a First Look at San Diego’s Newly Minted Theatre Box in Gaslamp—and Nick Cannon Was a Fan

This New Hotspot in Gaslamp is Brining on Some Major Star Power

Written By: Louis Schuler
Photographed By: Carina Fleckner Theatre Box San Diego

Theatre Box San Diego’s grand opening in the bustling Gaslamp Quarter was nothing short of a marquee, regal experience. Prominent celebrities in attendance like Pitbull, Nick Cannon, Bill Walton and many others contributed to this star-studded scene. But the true sight to behold was the sheer size of this unique entertainment venue. Theatre Box is a collaboration between TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and Sugar Factory and includes theatre, dining and entertainment in one space.

The size of this entertainment mecca is truly mind-boggling, especially in comparison to the average movie theatre experience. Of course, this whetted my intrepid appetite to explore the lobby. Behind the kiosk, a wall lined with dozens of multi-colored confections, almost comparable to a Godiva or See’s candy store. Upon looking above the candy boxes, I saw a variety of celebrity pictures from other Sugar Factory locations, ranging from Drake and Nicki Minaj to Britney Spears, Mike Tyson and many others, spanning the walls of the lobby.

From there, I made my way to the nearby concessions stand, which featured an extensive menu of drinks, gelato, handmade pastries and an all-day café. After following a cement path of carved-out handprint replicas from Hollywood celebrities, I arrived at the adjacent Sugar Factory American Brasserie.

I then entered the breathtakingly large, boundless room through a ramp from the lobby, only to be entranced by the contemporary, elegant style of the furniture. It’s a lively atmosphere, providing a full range of vision across the family-style restaurant—featuring a bevy of menu choices from decadent milkshakes to delicious sushi, Margherita pizzas and signature drinks, just to name a few. But rest assured, if the party ambiance isn’t for you, there are enclosed, spherical-shaped booths located close to the entrance of the neighboring room, which allows for an escape from the crowd.

Next up: the Chocolate Lounge—adjacent to the Sugar Factory American Brasserie. This is a smaller, more intimate and stylized area, with black walls and flooring to go with exotic lighting and a full-scale bar. From here, I was treated to exquisite, state-of-the-art chocolate fondue. The theme of the lounge borders on the exotic, with mouth-watering food, some of which are served in chocolate-covered dishware.

Finally, after traversing upstairs to the second floor, I toured the interior of one of the eight spacious theatre rooms. Each one has multiple rows of leather reclining chairs—each with a menu. A call button is also placed on the seat to notify the waiter at any time if you need some bites or sips. And according to management, you can also order beforehand by reserving and purchasing both your seat and food after downloading the forthcoming theatre app to your phone.

However, according to a Theatre Box representative, this is only the beginning. “For the theatre itself, Theatre Box plans to host world-class Hollywood film premiers and hand and footprint ceremonies in the long-standing tradition of Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre,” said the representative. “We will surprise you by bringing Hollywood to San Diego.”

In short, my experience with TCL Chinese Theatre’s and Sugar Factory’s grand opening of Theatre Box in Downtown San Diego will always stand out in my memory. From the lavish architecture to an exhausting variety of food options and euphoric atmosphere, Theatre Box San Diego will likely exceed your expectations.     Theatre Box San Diego

Theatre Box
701 Fifth AveTheatre Box San Diego
San Diego, CA 92101Theatre Box San Diego
619.814.2225Theatre Box San Diego

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