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Written by Isai Rocha for www.foodbeast.com These Hot Dogs Are Wrapped In A Cinnamon Roll And Covered In Icing

If you’re tired of the traditional hot dog, wrapped in a boring hot dog bun and squirted with ketchup, then here’s a sweet alternative for you.

Oh, Bite It took your run-of-the-mill hot dog and transformed it into a mouth-watering cinnamon roll dog.

It has a very pretzel dog feel to it, but this monster is more Cinnabon than it is Wetzel’s Pretzel.

Amy Erickson of Oh, Bite It used nothing more than an apple-flavored chicken sausage and Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls for her creation. You sliced up the raw cinnamon rolls and simply wrapped them around the sausages. You then stab the sausages with some corn dog sticks and throw them in the oven.

After that, you just drizzle on the icing and eat away.

For the full recipe and more crazy inventions, check out the Oh, Bite It baking blog