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Erin Pechtel On Boutonné’s Timeless Leather Pieces

Written By: Melissa Mitchell and Gina Magnuson Boutonné Leather Bags

Few inanimate objects in life entice as much intrigue and comfort as a finely crafted leather bag. The smell, the look, the rich color, the way they get better and better with every use. They’re timeless pieces that grow and smell dreamier with age. Well San Diegon’s, if you’re walking downtown and you stroll past Erin Pechtel’s working Boutonné studio, you’ll likely pass through an aromatic layer of leather-making goodness. That’s right, all of that oh-so-fine leather magic is produced from start to finish right here in our SoCal backyard.

I could hear Erin Pechtel smiling through the phone during our exchange, later to find out that her cuddly cavalier king charles pup, Rufus, was snuggled up at her feet, sleeping. You’d never guess it, but this world renowned designer confessed that one of her favorite pastimes is taking naps. We’d be tired too if we single handedly built a successful leather goods company that produces locally, ships worldwide, and was recently picked up by West Elm (ahem!). Erin’s journey to creative success began in 2012 when she returned home to San Diego from Nashville following a tumultuous divorce. Erin turned her described ‘rock bottom’ experience into an opportunity for newness and creativity. This former Anthropologie and Nordstrom employee took her expertise by storm and began creating leather goods. She soon developed her own line that was sketched out, created and sold, all locally, in San Diego. Before she knew it her products caught the eye of local Del Mar store, Lone Flag, who still keep their shelves stocked with Boutonné goods. Over the past few years Erin has watched her brand grow wildly in front of her eyes.

From local stores to transcontinental shipments, it’s safe to say the Boutonné bug has spread like wildfire. Despite Boutonné’s far reaching success, Erin takes pride in the fact that her products are 100 percent California grown. Each piece of material and fabric is purchased in the State of California, and everything is made from start to finish in San Diego. “I love being able to provide jobs to local people and to foster those relationships with neighbors.” Erin, we couldn’t be happier about being a stone’s throw away from your gorgeous goods! Totes, bucket bags, messenger bags, cinched totes, clutches, iPad cases, wallets, and keychains are a few of the varietals found in an array of materials and colors at Boutonné. Shop Boutonné’s goods right from their website and be sure to stay tuned for all of Erin’s latest creations. Erin was tight lipped about some soon-to-be released projects, but she gushed over her excitement about new collabs and making Boutonné more accessible to the masses. Erin’s “we’re just getting started!” attitude offers a glimpse into Boutonné’s long, climbing future of leather-made goodness.

Elle: What’s in a Name?

We discovered that Boutonné’s famous Elle tote is named after savvy PR businesswoman and creator of Elle Communications, Danielle Gano. Erin greatly admires Danielle and is inspired by her success and strong business sense — so much so that she #puthernameonit! P.S. We’re starting to think that product-naming is the sincerest form of flattery because, have you seen the Elle tote? Trust us.

Mills: What’s in a Name?

The first Boutonné bag collection was the Mills, which is a mixed-fabric denim and leather line. Mills was named after the maiden name of a woman in Nashville who was great source of inspiration for Erin. Note: if you inspire this woman your name could be on tags all around the globe (#beinspiring!)

Boutonné: What’s in a Name?

During a name brand brainstorm session Erin admits that her dad helped pick the name of her beloved brand! The loose French translation means “buttoned up” and is meant to encompass a well-kept individual who enjoys clean lines, attention to detail and a ‘voila’ finishing touch . . . we like the sound of that!

Not Your Typical “9-5”

Wondering how Erin test drives her new designs? She dished that her bags typically end up around the arm of her mother, who gets to swirl, twirl, and give a whirl to the latest Boutonné trends (oh, to have that gig!). To all the readers out there who are reading this and experiencing major #purseenvy: we’re sorry!

2690 Via de La Valle Ste D130
Del Mar, CA 92014
San Diego’s Leather-Made Goodness