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Renew Wellness Retreats is Holistic Heaven

Written By: Gina Magnuson This is Not Your Average Juice Cleanse. It’s Renew Wellness Retreats

With the New Year in full swing, we want to make real life changes, but where to start? In this busy world, self-care typically falls to the wayside—work, kids, bills—the daily list of priorities has a funny way of including everything but “me time.” Sometimes you need to take a step back and reevaluate the what, why and how that change will happen. That’s where Renew Wellness Retreats comes in.

Designating a daily regimen focused on both physical and spiritual nourishment, Renew Wellness Retreats hosts a day centered on detox. The fresh, organic food provided for meals throughout the event alongside bodywork and exercise prepares the body for a three-day cleanse attendees receive at the end of the day. The juices and Mylkshakes are provided by Renew Juicery, a company founded by Brooke Rewa, who worked alongside Hollywood casting agent Mary Vernieu, and Sophia Marzocchi, owner of her Venice Beach namesake Spa Sophia.

“Everything is organic. Everything is sourced locally, ” says Brooke. “This retreat is supposed to prepare you for a cleanse. So many people go blindly into cleansing and have a bad experience. Cleansing should be a time when you appreciate yourself and are taking a breath.”

The three women behind Renew Wellness Retreats came together with the intention of giving people the materials to kickstart real life changes. “We want to let people know [they can change their lives] and it’s not that hard. It’s the core. You forget to take care of yourself. You’re so busy all the time that you’re the last on the list, ” says Mary.

Initially meeting at a retreat in Palm Springs, Mary and Sophia wondered why this concept was so hard to find in Los Angeles. They had a why not? moment and immediately asked Brooke, a wellness expert with a true talent for developing nutritious (and delicious) detoxifying super-drinks, to be a part of the program. “Mary is a huge health advocate and has been a customer of a mine for a long time. We’re all just super passionate about health and wellness, ” says Brooke. Thus, Renew Wellness Retreats was created.

Witnessing, firsthand, how the hustle of working seemingly nonstop hours requires this time to reflect and renew, the team began developing a schedule of activities oriented toward self-care. From guided meditations and aromatherapy workshops to bodywork provided by experts at Spa Sophia, the day proved both educational and rejuvenating. Guests were not only able to experience the effects of implementing these wellness practices, they were also educated and provided with the tools to continue these modes of self-care.

Upon arriving on the grounds, guests were given a packet with helpful information about both the retreat and the three-day cleanse. This packet is particularly great for detox cleanse newbies as it outlines how to prepare the body for a cleanse and gives tips to increase the cleanse’s benefits. Full of detoxifying ingredients like turmeric, chia seeds, goji berries and cayenne, the all-organic juices and shakes included in the cleanse will leave you feeling energized and glowing.

After tasting an array of delicious juices and Milkshakes provided by Renew Juicery, the group was introduced to Karly Treacy who got bodies breathing and moving with a yoga class. Who knew breathing could be such a great workout? With bodies alert, the group moved outside to a gorgeous, verdant outside space where we met Jessie May. She hosted a guided meditation focused on opening the heart and reconnecting. The sun was shining at the beautiful Malibu grounds, adding to the powerful, positive impact of the collective meditative experience.

Next up was myofascial work. Now, if you’ve never heard of the term myofascial, you are not alone. Basically, it’s the practice of breaking up the fascia that builds up around joints and ligaments using mini medicine balls. Mackenzey Franklin, a movement artist who works on physical therapy, helped guests get in touch with points in the body we didn’t even know needed a tune up.

Next, the culinary goddesses at Venice Beach favorite Sweet Laurel provided an all-natural spread of anti-inflammatory foods. From cauliflower “rice” bowls with red pepper-pesto sauce to snickerdoodles that were so tasty they flew off the plate in mere moments, Sweet Laurel taught the group that preparing these wholesome foods doesn’t have to be challenging.

Aromatherapy and energy work with Aviva Shira Bernat, M.D., was also a major highlight. Passing around tiny bottles filled with extracts like lavender, bergamot, lemon and peppermint, the group learned just how powerful scents can be, whether you’re trying to cure a migraine, studying for a test or just trying to relax at bedtime. After some amazing and insightful energy work with Aviva, the group had a truly unique pilates experience taught by Nicole Watkins. This course focused on each of the seven chakras, or energy centers, to get in tune with the body on a deeper level.

The day wrapped up with Vitamix classes courtesy of Mary and Brooke, where guests learned how to make everything from green juice with kale, ginger and apples to almond milk! Spa Sophia was kind enough to provide luxurious hot stone massages, invigorating magnesium wraps, facials and lymphatic draining to keep the body healthy and happy. Sophia spoke to the importance of self-care: “What you’re doing inside reflects the outside. Our approach, even though we have high-end products, is very healing and relaxing. We want you to leave like you left something behind that you no longer need. When you feel content there’s this beauty.”

B R A N D /// New Year, Brand New You. Renew Wellness Retreats Left Us Glowing.

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