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Written By: Molly Shannon of www.foodbeast.com

From what I have gathered, the typical ribeye steak (cowboy cut) ranges anywhere from 12 to 20ish ounces. With that being said, the infamous Cowboy Ribeye served at The Ranch in Anaheim, CA is no typical steak. 58-Ounce Steak

It’s THE steak. 58-Ounce Steak

Located within what appears to be a corporate executive office building, the ultra posh Ranch Restaurant and Saloon is equal parts fine dining and fine dancing, and they’ve been attracting food fanatics for years with their tremendous 58 ounce Ribeye. Michael Rossi, head chef at The Ranch, broke down for us the entire process of making one of these iconic steaks—literally.
58-Ounce Steak

It begins with breaking down a 26-pound, seven-boned cowboy ribeye into seven 58-ounce chops. Then, they are seasoned with kosher salt and cracked black pepper and charred in an 800-degree broiler. 58-Ounce Steak

After the meat has achieved optimum tenderness with a rosy pink color, it is paired with The Ranch’s signature Scalloped Russet Potatoes made with Grafton Farms White Cheddar, herbs, and a bordelaise sauce. And then your taste buds explode with happiness. 58-Ounce Steak

Next time you hear that commonly used “meat and potatoes” expression, you’ll knowexactly where it came from. 58-Ounce Steak