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Get Your Holiday Hair Inspiration From Spruce Salon This Season

Written By: Karen Murga Three Elegant Braids For Your Holiday Party, From Master Stylist Ryan Weeden
Photographed By: Stephen Panosian
Bella Laferty

The Expert: Ryan Weeden,  Owner and Master Stylist, Salon Spruce
Previous Profession: 
New York Actor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Chilly breezes, warm winter drinks and white sand wonderlands. December is also the month of glamorous holiday parties. But after you’ve arranged the catering and decked the halls, you have to make sure your host look is the best in the room, starting with a flawless hairstyle. That’s where Ryan Weeden comes in. As owner and master stylist of Salon Spruce in La Jolla, Weeden’s expertise in everything hair will put you in good hands the second you sit down in his chair. Weeden’s beachside location is inside Phenix Salon Suite, which lets Weeden operate within his own private salon setting. Perfect styling and upscale privacy? Say no more.

Salon Spruce is the place to come if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping new look that’ll turn heads. Weeden, an East Coast native, and his team are constantly on top of the latest hair trends. He’s known as an authority on celebrity balayage styling and putting together beautiful, natural color that’s carefully applied yet looks effortless.

Q: What do you love the most about being a hair stylist?

Ryan Weeden: It’s a happy job; I get to make people feel better on a daily basis about themselves. Hair is the accessory you wear every day—why not make it fantastic?

Q: What inspired you to do hair?

RW: I was an actor initially in New York. Once I decided not to spend my life as a starving artist, I had a really good friend whose mom was a great hairstylist in San Francisco and she said, “Hey, you should try hair, do you know how well a straight hairdresser can do in the business?” She originally inspired me and I gave it a shot.

Q: Where did you get your formal training?

RW: Toni & Guy Hairdressing and Redken. However, training is always ongoing. After I finished cosmetology school I’ve never stopped training, I’m always keeping current on modern day attractions.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

RW: Starting work with Kevin Murphy, which is a worldwide renowned brand. In five years I’m hoping to travel around with them to some extent. Potentially as a worldwide trainer, platform artist, as an inspiration leader and coach in the business.

Q: How would you describe your style?

RW: My personal style I would describe as modern classic, not super edgy but not old school. My style in the salon is modern yet natural. We tend to attract customers who like a natural, sun-kissed look. I specialize in balayage and have been doing it for about five years.

Q: What celebrity in Hollywood, dead or alive, would you say has the best hair?

RW: Brad Pitt. I’ve always admired him. He was the cool guy and I always liked his style. As far as women, I would say Jennifer Aniston. She’s iconic.

Q: What celebrities would you want to work with in the future?

RW: Brad Pitt, Kevin Murphy at fashion week and Tony Robbins, he is outstanding 

Q: What is the best part about being a hair stylist here at Salon Spruce?

RW: I can make it my own and I can see my vision. Salon Suites are the newest trend in the salon business and I like the area and the flexibility—they give me the luxury of being able to have clients I really want in the salon. The perk of being busy is I can be selective and really choose those clients and colors that are my specialty.

Q: Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

RW: I don’t know too much about fashion but I look at Pinterest and Instagram. I stay up to date with all the current styles using social media. It’s one of the best ways to see the top looks and what gets the most likes.

Q: What does your typical workday look like?

RW: I wake up 6 a.m.—my puppy doesn’t give me a choice (she’s 11 months)—and then walk her or play with her to tire her out. I surf, go to the gym and eat breakfast cereal. Then I start my day here at Salon Spruce at 10 a.m. and am home by 8 p.m.

Q: What is the hottest new hair trend right now?

RQ: The lob, which is a long bob with beachy texture. It’s casual elegance.

Q: What is the best hairstyle of all time?

RW: A nice, pretty long haircut with layers never goes out
of style.

Q: What makes your Salon Suite different than other locations?

RW: It’s easy to get started in a Salon Suite; you get to test out the space without having to get stuck in a five-year contract. I also am expanding soon. It’s great to be in beautiful La Jolla. I’m actually writing a book on how to be successful in the Salon Suite world, which goes into great detail about the Salon Suite world.

Q: What is the best go-to hairstyle that will never lead a woman astray?

RW: Ponytail if you don’t have much time. If you have a bit more time on your hands, curls that come from a curling wand are great and beachy fun.

Q: What’s next for you?

RW: Expanding the space here. Personally working with the Kevin Murphy brand, finishing my book within the next couple weeks.

Pour it Up: Salon Spruce serves wine to its clients. Weeden says wine makes an excellent Salon Spruce experience even better.

Weeden’s Top 5 Influential People:

1. His wife

2. Kevin Murphy

3. Guy Tang

4. Jessica Alba

5. His puppy, Abbie

Look One: Twisted Crown Braid

Step One: Create a twist braid; for a dressier look, have it to the side. Make sure to prepare your hair with an anti-frizz.

Step Two: Twist side braid to the middle toward the back of the head, and then tie together. Repeat on other side.

Step Three: Split open side one and feed side two into that side. Make sure they are secure. Remove rubber bands.

Step Four: Use bobby pins to secure style. Use the end of rat-tail comb to lift strands of hair to loosen top; it adds volume.

Look Two: Messy Bun With Twist Braid

Step One: Apply texture and heat protection, don’t forget to comb hair out.

Step Two: Separate hair from front to the back. Curl hair with a 1-inch curling iron.

Step Three: Shake curls out with your fingers to get a more natural look.

Step Four: Make a messy bun; use bobby pins to secure it. Braid front of the hair bringing it to the same side, into the middle of the messy bun. Repeat on other side.

Step Five: Criss-cross braids then loosen by gently tucking at the braid around the messy bun. That’s it! The more hair pulled back the more romantic you will look, the more slicked back the more elegant you will look.

Look Three: French Pull Through Braid

Step One: Take triangle section from the top of the hair, make it into a ponytail with an elastic band, cinch it and make another ponytail underneath it.

Step Two: Split top ponytail, then move bottom ponytail above it. Take another layer of hair beneath it and use an elastic band to tie it together.

Step Three: Repeat step two and work with your hands to make desired twist and to move anything you don’t want.

Step Four: Once you’re at the bottom make elastic about two inches from the last layer and give it three twists. Split it open in the middle then pull the ponytail from underneath it into the space. Repeat until you want to end the length.

Step Five: Tie bottom of braid into a small loop with the rest of the hair. Then loosen the entire head of braid with you fingers by pulling them apart gently.

Step Six: Fold the bottom of braid and secure it by making a fishhook out of a bobby pin, add as many bobby pins to secure the bottom and that’s it!

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S P R U C E /// Up Your Style With Ryan Weeden, Owner And Master Stylist of La Jolla’s Spruce Salon.

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