Tia Mowry, Our Annual Foodie Guide and Christy Carlson Romano

C’mon, I know you know how the song goes: “Sistah, Sistah! Never knew how I missed ya. Now that everybody knows, I ain’t ever gonna let you gooooo.” I remember my sister and I growing up literally LOL-ing at the comedic episodes. We secretly wished we were twins so we can switch places when we didn’t study for a big test. January 2018

My conversation with Tia Mowry-Hardrict flowed organically over lunch at Il Tramezzino in Studio City; it was like we were old gal-pals. We talked about her newly announced pregnancy, how sometimes she forgets that she’s famous, our personal health journeys and her undying love for food. January 2018

Towards the end of our conversation, after we’d finished our paninis, she peers outside to a nearby table, “Oh my god, I didn’t know they had chips here! Are those salt and pepper?” she gasped and her eyes became wide looking at the pesto sauce that accompanied them. She stopped mid-sentence to raise her hand at the waiter as if we were in a classroom. “I just want some chips, girl,” she says rubbing her belly and shaking her head. “That’s the hardest part, when you see a craving, you will cry if you don’t get it. I’m so serious.” We shared yet another laugh.

Besides salty chips, I also learned that she loves a lot of other things, too. She loves throwing down in the kitchen. She loves her hubby of almost 10 years. She loves her parents and siblings. She loves fashion. And I know these things because she used the word “love” almost 100 times in our two-hour interview. January 2018

With a baby on the way, a new film set to release, and her YouTube channel getting off the ground, change is coming soon for Tia. But, we know she’ll be ready for it all. “Change is a beautiful thing,” she says. “It can be scary, but it’s a beautiful thing.”

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